Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
FormationJanuary 1, 1936; 87 years ago (1936-01-01)
  • London
Key people
Pat Monaghan
Jane Hurst
Julian Huxley
Geoffrey Matthews
Christopher J. Barnard

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) is a British organization founded in 1936 to promote ethology, and the study of animal behaviour.[1] ASAB holds conferences,[2] offers grants,[3] and publishes a peer-reviewed journal, Animal Behaviour, first published in 1953.[4][5] ASAB also runs a certification scheme so the public are able to seek advice about companion animals from appropriately qualified and experienced behaviourists (‘CCABs’).[6]

ASAB further recognises excellence in teaching and research with awards including the ASAB medal and Christopher Barnard Award. The annual Tinbergen Lecturer is invited by ASAB Council, and gives an invited presentation at the ASAB Winter Meeting held in London each year.

ASAB was founded in London on 13 March 1936 as the Institute for the Study of Animal Behaviour. Julian Huxley was the first president and Solly Zuckerman the first editor of its earlier publication, Bulletin of Animal Behaviour, which began publishing in October 1938.[1][7] Other past presidents include Geoffrey Matthews (1971–1974)[8] and Christopher J. Barnard (2004–2007) and Jane Hurst.[9]

Pat Monaghan, Regius Professor of Zoology at the University of Glasgow, is President of the ASAB Council as of October 2017.[10]

ASAB organises 3 conferences a year (Spring, Summer, and Winter), typically held in the UK.[11]

Meeting Year Location
Spring 2023 Bangor, UK.
Winter 2022 Edinburgh, UK.
Summer 2022 Groningen, Netherlands.
Spring 2022 Newcastle, UK.
Winter 2021 Virtual
Summer 2021 Belfast, UK.
Spring 2021 Virtual
Winter 2020 Virtual
Summer 2020 Virtual
Spring 2020 Swansea
Winter 2019 London, UK
Summer 2019 Konstanz, Germany
Spring 2019 York, UK
Winter 2018 London, UK
Summer 2018 Liverpool, UK
Spring 2018 Plymouth, UK
Winter 2017 London, UK
Summer 2017 Estoril, Portugal
Spring 2017 Liverpool, UK
Winter 2016 London, UK
Summer 2016 Vienna, Austria
Spring 2016 Aberystwyth, UK
Winter 2015 London, UK
Summer 2015 Lincoln, UK
Spring 2015 Durham, UK
Winter 2014 London, UK
Summer 2014 Prague, Czech Republic
Spring 2014 Sheffield, UK
Winter 2013 London, UK
Summer 2013 Newcastle/Gateshead, UK
Spring 2013 Lincoln, UK
Winter 2012 London, UK
Summer 2012 Essen, Germany
Spring 2012 Aberystwyth, UK
Winter 2011 London, UK
Summer 2011 St. Andrews, UK
Spring 2011 Cambridge, UK
Winter 2010 London, UK
Summer 2010 Ferrara, Italy
Spring 2010 Exeter, UK
Winter 2009 London, UK
Summer 2009 Oxford, UK
Spring 2009 Cardiff, UK
Winter 2008 London, UK
Summer 2008 Dijon, France
Spring 2008 Edinburgh, UK
Winter 2007 London, UK
Summer 2007 Newcastle, UK
Spring 2007 Falmouth, UK
Winter 2006 London, UK
Summer 2006 Belfast, UK
Spring 2006 Nottingham, UK
Winter 2005 London, UK
Summer 2005 Lancaster, UK
Spring 2005 Norwich, UK
Winter 2004 London, UK
Summer 2004 Groningen, NL
Spring 2004 Sussex, UK
Winter 2003 London, UK
Summer 2003 Grünau, Germany
Spring 2003 Leeds, UK
Winter 2002 London, UK
Summer 2002 Münster, Germany


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