Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa
Association des Comités Nationaux Olympiques d'Afrique
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Countries members
Formation28 June 1981; 41 years ago (1981-06-28)
TypeSports federation
HeadquartersAbuja, Nigeria
54 National Olympic Committees
Official language
English, French
Algeria Mustapha Berraf

The Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (acronym: ANOCA; French: Association des Comités Nationaux Olympiques d'Afrique, ACNOA, Arabic: رابطة اللجان الأولمبية الوطنية في إفريقيا) is an international organization that unites the 54 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Africa. It is currently headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. It serves as the successor to Standing Committee of African Sports or Comité permanent du sport africain founded in 1965 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

It often assembles with other continental NOCs in the form of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC).


The Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) was founded on June 28, 1981, in Lome, Togo. In July 1965, ANOCA's predecessor, the Standing Committee of African Sports SCAS was founded in Brazzaville as Comité Permanent du Sport Africain (CPSA). Consequently, that title for the sports continental body changed to the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa SCSA on 14 December 1966 in Bamako, Mali.

Member countries

In the following table, the year in which the NOC was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is also given if it is different from the year in which the NOC was created.

Nation Code National Olympic Committee President Created ANOCA Member IOC member Ref.
North Africa Zone
 Algeria ALG Algerian Olympic Committee Mustapha Berraf 1963/1964 1965 Yes [1]
 Egypt EGY Egyptian Olympic Committee Hesham Mohamed Tawfeq Hatab 1910 1965 Yes [2]
 Libya LBA Libyan Olympic Committee Gamal Ezzarrugh 1962 1963 Yes [3]
 Morocco MAR Moroccan Olympic Committee Faïçal Laraïchi 1959 1959 Yes [4]
 Sudan SUD Sudan Olympic Committee Hashim Haroun Ahmed 1956/1959 1965 Yes [5]
 Tunisia TUN Tunisian Olympic Committee Mehrez Boussayene 1957 1965 Yes [6]
West Africa Zone
 Benin BEN Benin National Olympic and Sports Committee Marius Francisco 1962 TBD Yes [7]
 Burkina Faso BUR Burkinabé National Olympic and Sports Committee Jean-Pascal Kinda 1965/1972 1965 Yes [8]
 Cape Verde CPV Comité Olímpico Caboverdeano Filomena Fortes 1989/1993 TBD Yes [9]
 Gambia GAM Gambia National Olympic Committee Beatrice Allen 1972/1976 TBD Yes [10]
 Ghana GHA Ghana Olympic Committee Ben Nunoo Mensah 1950/1951 [1] 1965 Yes [11]
 Guinea GUI Guinean National Olympic and Sports Committee Nabi Camara 1964/1965 TBD Yes [12]
 Guinea-Bissau GBS Comité Olímpico da Guiné-Bissau Sérgio Mané 1992/1995 TBD Yes [13]
 Ivory Coast CIV Comité National Olympique de Côte d'Ivoire Lassana Palenfo 1962/1963 1965 Yes [14]
 Liberia LBR Liberia National Olympic Committee Philipbert S. Browne 1954/1955 TBD Yes [15]
 Mali MLI Comité National Olympique et Sportif du Mali Habib Sissoko 1962/1963 1965 Yes [16]
 Mauritania MTN Comité National Olympique et Sportif Mauritanien Abderrahmane Ethmane 1962/1979 TBD Yes [17]
 Niger NIG Nigerien Olympic and National Sports Committee Issaka Ide 1964 1965 Yes [18]
 Nigeria NGR Nigeria Olympic Committee Habu Gumel 1950/1951 [2] 1965 Yes [19]
 Senegal SEN Comité National Olympique et Sportif Sénégalais Mamadou D. Ndiaye 1961/1963 1965 Yes [20]
 Sierra Leone SLE National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone Patrick Coker 1964 TBD Yes [21]
 Togo TOG Togolese National Olympic Committee Deladem Akpaki 1963/1965 1965 Yes [22]
Central Africa Zone
 Cameroon CMR Cameroon Olympic and Sports Committee Hamad Kalkaba Malboum 1963 1965 Yes [23]
 Central African Republic CAF Comité National Olympique et Sportif Centrafricain Gilles Gilbert Gresenguet 1964/1965 1965 Yes [24]
 Chad CHA Chadian Olympic and Sports Committee Abakar Djermah Aumi 1963/1964 1965 Yes [25]
 Congo CGO Comité National Olympique et Sportif Congolais Raymond Ibata 1964 1965 Yes [26]
 Democratic Republic of the Congo COD Comité Olympique Congolais Marcel Amos Mbayo Kitenge 1963/1968 1965 Yes [27]
 Equatorial Guinea GEQ Comité Olímpico de Guinea Ecuatorial Manuel Sabino Asumu Cawan 1980/1984 TBD Yes [28]
 Gabon GAB Comité Olympique Gabonais Léon Louis Folquet 1965/1968 1965 Yes [29]
 São Tomé and Príncipe STP Comité Olímpico de São Tomé e Príncipe João Manuel da Costa Alegre Afonso 1979/1993 TBD Yes [30]
East Africa Zone
 Burundi BDI Burundi National Olympic Committee Lydia Nsekera 1990/1993 TBD Yes [31]
 Djibouti DJI Djibouti National Olympic and Sports Committee Aïcha Garad Ali 1983/1984 TBD Yes [32]
 Eritrea ERI Eritrean National Olympic Committee Luul Fisshaye 1996/1999 TBD Yes [33]
 Ethiopia ETH Ethiopian Olympic Committee Birhane Kidanemariam 1948/1954 1965 Yes [34]
 Kenya KEN National Olympic Committee of Kenya Paul Tergat 1955 1965 Yes [35]
 Rwanda RWA Comité National Olympique et Sportif du Rwanda Valens Munyabagisha 1984 TBD Yes [36]
 Seychelles SEY Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Antonio Gopal 1979 TBD Yes [37]
 Somalia SOM Somali Olympic Committee Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi 1959/1972 TBD Yes [38]
 South Sudan SSD South Sudan National Olympic Committee Wilson Deng Kuoirot 2015 2015 Yes [39]
 Tanzania TAN Tanzania Olympic Committee Gulam Abdulla Rashid 1968 1965 Yes [40]
 Uganda UGA Uganda Olympic Committee Donald Rukare 1950/1956 1965 Yes [41]
Southern Africa Zone
 Angola ANG Angolan Olympic Committee Gustavo Dias Vaz da Conceição 1979/1980 TBD Yes [42]
 Botswana BOT Botswana National Olympic Committee Botsang Tshenyego 1978/1980 TBD Yes [43]
 Comoros COM Comité Olympique et Sportif des Iles Comores Madiane Mohamed Issa 1979/1993 TBD Yes [44]
 Eswatini SWZ Eswatini Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Peter Shongwe 1971/1972 TBD Yes [45]
 Lesotho LES Lesotho National Olympic Committee Matlohang Moiloa-Ramoqopo 1971/1972 TBD Yes [46]
 Madagascar MAD Comité Olympique Malgache Siteny Thierry Randrianasoloniaiko 1963/1964 1965 Yes [47]
 Malawi MAW Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association of Malawi Jappie Mhango 1968 TBD Yes [48]
 Mauritius MRI Mauritius Olympic Committee Philippe Hao Thyn Voon Ha Shun 1971/1972 TBD Yes [49]
 Mozambique MOZ Comité Olímpico Nacional de Moçambique Anibal Manave 1979 TBD Yes [50]
 Namibia NAM Namibian National Olympic Committee Agnes Tjongarero 1990/1991 TBD Yes [51]
 South Africa RSA South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee Barry Hendricks 1991 TBD Yes [52]
 Zambia ZAM National Olympic Committee of Zambia Alfred Foloko 1964 1965 Yes [53]
 Zimbabwe ZIM Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Admire Masenda 1934/1980 TBD Yes [54]

ANOCA Regional Zones

ANOCA Zone 1 – North Zone

ANOCA Zone 2 – West Zone A

ANOCA Zone 3 – West Zone B

ANOCA Zone 4 – Central Zone

ANOCA Zone 5 – Central-East Zone

ANOCA Zone 6 – Southern Zone A

ANOCA Zone 7 – Southern Zone B

ANOCA Presidents

S. No. Name Country Tenure
1. Anani Matthia  Togo 1981-1989
2. Jean-Claude Ganga  Congo 1989-1999
3. Francis Nyangweso  Uganda 1999-2001
4. Alpha Ibrahim Diallo  Guinea 2001-2005
5. Lassana Palenfo  Ivory Coast 2005-2018
6. Mustapha Berraf  Algeria 2018–present

ANOCA's programme


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