IV Jeux de la Francophonie
The host venue
Dates19 – 23 July
Host cityOttawa, Ontario, CanadaCanada
VenueTerry Fox Stadium
Records set23 Games records

At the 2001 Jeux de la Francophonie, the athletics events were held at Terry Fox Stadium in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada between 19–23 July 2001. A total of 47 events were contested, of which 24 by male and 23 by female athletes. Included in this were two disability athletics events for wheelchair racers. A total of 23 Games records were broken or equalled in the competition.[1]

The host nation won the most gold medals in the competition—taking eleven golds in a haul of 24 medals— but it was beaten on the total overall medal count by France which won 27 events. Morocco performed particularly well in the middle- and long-distance track events. Newcomer Poland made an impact in its debut, taking nine golds with most of its athletes succeeding in the field events. Among the other nations competing, Romania and Mauritius managed four gold medals each.[1]

The competition attracted higher level performances and participation than in previous editions, in part due to the 2001 World Championships in Athletics which was also held in Canada some two weeks later.[2] Bruny Surin was defeated by Stéphan Buckland in the men's 100 metres. Surin decided not to compete in the 200 metres as a result – a move which attracted criticised as he had reportedly been paid 250,000 Canadian dollars to act as a Games ambassador.[3]

The quality of the host stadium also came in for criticism from those attending the event, which one French official stating that "a poor African country" could have held the event to a better standard.[3] Of the winners in Ottawa, Perdita Felicien, Szymon Ziółkowski, Amy Mbacke Thiam and Nezha Bidouane also went on to become gold medallists in their respective events at the World Championships.[4] A number of other athletes went on to win minor medals on the world stage soon after – Paweł Czapiewski, Dudley Dorival, Monika Pyrek, Françoise Mbango-Etone and Nicoleta Grasu.

Medal summary

For full event details see Athletics at the 2001 Jeux de la Francophonie – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(wind: +0.7 m/s)
 Stéphan Buckland (MRI) 10.13  Bruny Surin (Quebec) 10.18  Éric Pacôme N'Dri (CIV) 10.24
200 metres
(wind: +0.5 m/s)
 Stéphan Buckland (MRI) 20.33  Oumar Loum (SEN) 20.59  Joseph Batangdon (CMR) 20.75
400 metres  Shane Niemi (CAN) 44.86 GR  Eric Milazar (MRI) 44.96  Sofiane Labidi (TUN) 45.45
800 metres  Khalid Tighazouine (MAR) 1:46.53 GR  Mouhssin Chehibi (MAR) 1:46.63  Zach Whitmarsh (CAN) 1:46.90
1500 metres  Paweł Czapiewski (POL) 3:45.08  Abdelkader Hachlaf (MAR) 3:45.41  Adil Kaouch (MAR) 3:45.64
5000 metres  Mohammed Amyn (MAR) 13:37.14  Abderrahim Goumri (MAR) 13:38.06  Mohamed Saïd El Wardi (MAR) 13:43.12
10,000 metres  Ahmed Ibrahim Baday (MAR) 28:13.54 GR  Abdelhadi Habassa (MAR) 28:16.28  Aloÿs Nizigama (BDI) 28:37.17
110 metres hurdles  Dudley Dorival (HAI) 13.60  Vincent Clarico (FRA) 13.71  Artur Kohutek (POL) 13.73
400 metres hurdles  Paweł Januszewski (POL) 49.24  Yvon Rakotoarimiandry (MAD) 49.53  Mustapha Sdad (MAR) 49.89
3000 metres steeplechase  Elarbi Khattabi (MAR) 8:16.63 GR  Lyes Ramoul (FRA) 8:25.12  Zouhair Ouerdi (MAR) 8:28.72
4×100 metres relay  Mauritius (MRI)
Ommana Kowlessur
Stéphan Buckland
39.04  Ivory Coast (CIV)
Ahmed Douhou
Éric Pacôme N'Dri
Ibrahim Meité
39.33  Benin (BEN) 40.22
4×400 metres relay  Poland (POL)
Piotr Długosielski
Piotr Haczek
Robert Maćkowiak
3:04.91  France (FRA)
Pierre Baron
Fred Mango
Philippe Bouche
Bruno Wavelet
3:06.27  Morocco (MAR) 3:06.86
Marathon  Mohammed El Hattab (MAR) 2:18:16  Mustapha Damaoui (MAR) 2:18:31  Jean-Pierre Monciaux (FRA) 2:20:38
20 km walk  Hatem Ghoula (TUN) 1:22:56 GR  Denis Langlois (FRA) 1:23:21  Gintaras Andriuškevičius (LTU) 1:23:35
High jump  Mark Boswell (CAN) 2.31 m GR  Kwaku Boateng (Quebec) 2.31 m  Jan Janků (CZE) 2.21 m
Pole vault  Adam Kolasa (POL) 5.60 m  Štěpán Janáček (CZE) 5.55 m  Khalid Lachheb (FRA) 5.40 m
Long jump  Jonathan Chimier (MRI) 7.89 m  Arnaud Casquette (MRI) 7.88 m  Mickaël Loria (FRA) 7.86 m
Triple jump  Arius Filet (FRA) 17.15 m GR  Jérôme Romain (FRA) 16.29 m  Djeke Mambo (BEL) 16.02 m
Shot put  Bradley Snyder (CAN) 19.64 m  Yves Niaré (FRA) 18.94 m  Dylan Armstrong (CAN) 17.57 m
Discus throw  Jason Tunks (CAN) 65.10 m GR  Virgilijus Alekna (LTU) 64.35 m  Ionel Oprea (ROM) 63.64 m
Hammer throw  Szymon Ziółkowski (POL) 79.89 m GR  Maciej Palyszko (POL) 75.35 m  Raphaël Piolanti (FRA) 72.71 m
Javelin throw  Laurent Dorique (FRA) 76.67 m GR  Arûnas Jurkšas (LTU) 73.66 m  Walid Abderrazak Mohamed (EGY) 72.64 m
Decathlon  Pierre-Alexandre Vial (FRA) 7890 pts  Hamdi Dhouibi (TUN) 7548 pts  Stéphane Bamboux (FRA) 7320 pts
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Disability events
1500 metres wheelchair  Jeff Adams (CAN) 3:24.25  Kelly Smith (CAN) 3:24.88  Pierre Fairbank (FRA) 3:25.24


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(wind: +0.5 m/s)
 Makaridja Sanganoko (CIV) 11.27  Venolyn Clarke (CAN) 11.29  Hanitriniaina Rakotondrabe (MAD) 11.40
200 metres
(wind: +0.5 m/s)
 Kaltouma Nadjina (CHA) 23.07  Ionela Târlea (ROM) 23.11  Aïda Diop (SEN) 23.20
400 metres  Amy Mbacké Thiam (SEN) 50.92 GR  Kaltouma Nadjina (CHA) 51.03  Mireille Nguimgo (CMR) 51.47
800 metres  Diane Cummins (CAN) 2:00.77 GR  Irina Krakoviak (LTU) 2:01.27  Peggy Babin (FRA) 2:01.66
1500 metres  Elena Iagăr (ROM) 4:17.03  Fatma Lanouar (TUN) 4:17.95  Lidia Chojecka (POL) 4:18.16
5000 metres  Tina Connelly (CAN) 16:05.59 GR  Zhor El Kamch (MAR) 16:15.56  Inga Juodeškiené (LTU) 16:19.34
10,000 metres  Zhor El Kamch (MAR) 34:07.52  Lisa Harvey (CAN) 34:23.70  Diane Nukuri (BDI) 34:30.66
100 metres hurdles
(wind: -0.5 m/s)
 Perdita Felicien (CAN) 12.92 GR=  Patricia Buval (FRA) 13.02  Nadine Faustin (HAI) 13.05
400 metres hurdles  Nezha Bidouane (MAR) 54.91 GR  Karlene Haughton (CAN) 56.19  Małgorzata Pskit (POL) 56.25
4×100 metres relay  Canada (CAN)
Esi Benkyarku
Erika Witter
Venolyn Clarke
Martha Adusei
43.73  Ivory Coast (CIV) 43.89  Madagascar (MAD) 44.12
4×400 metres relay  Poland (POL)
Aleksandra Pielużek
Aneta Lemiesz
Grażyna Prokopek
Małgorzata Pskit
3:28.97 GR  France (FRA)
Anita Mormand
Peggy Babin
Viviane Dorsile
Marie-Louise Bevis
3:30.04  Canada (CAN)
Foy Williams
Lamik Oyewumi
Lindsay Lockhead
Samantha George
Marathon  Michèle Leservoisier (FRA) 2:44:00 GR  Clarisse Rasoarizay (MAD) 2:46:29  Leslie Carson (CAN) 2:50:02
10 km walk  Norica Câmpean (ROM) 44:32  Sonata Milušauskaitė (LTU) 46:10  Tatiana Boulanger (FRA) 47:11
High jump  Wanita May (CAN) 1.91 m GR  Nicole Forrester (CAN) 1.89 m  Oana Pantelimon (ROM) 1.84 m
Pole vault  Monika Pyrek (POL) 4.30 m GR  Pavla Hamácková (CZE) 4.20 m  Julie Vigourt (FRA) 4.10 m
Long jump  Alice Falaiye (CAN) 6.38 m  Françoise Mbango Etone (CMR) 6.37 m  Krysha Bayley (CAN) 6.27 m
Triple jump  Cristina Nicolau (ROM) 14.62 m GR  Françoise Mbango Etone (CMR) 14.56 m  Adelina Gavrilă (ROM) 13.91 m (w)
Shot put  Krystyna Zabawska (POL) 18.25 m GR  Elena Hila (ROM) 17.07 m  Laurence Manfredi (FRA) 16.82 m
Discus throw  Nicoleta Grasu (ROM) 64.53 m  Joanna Wiśniewska (POL) 56.94 m  Mélina Robert-Michon (FRA) 56.81 m
Hammer throw  Kamila Skolimowska (POL) 67.95 m GR  Agnieszka Pogroszewska (POL) 65.44 m  Florence Ezeh (FRA) 64.53 m
Javelin throw
(new javelin model)
 Sarah Walter (FRA) 57.34 m GR  Ana Mirela Ţermure (ROM) 57.25 m  Felicia Ţilea (ROM) 56.58 m
Heptathlon  Marie Collonvillé (FRA) 5719 pts GR  Kim Vanderhoek (CAN) 5502 pts  Sophie Marrot (FRA) 5414 pts
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Disability events
800 metres wheelchair  Chantal Petitclerc (Quebec) 2:07.93  Diane Roy (CAN) 2:17.48  Denise Fortier (CAN) 2:32.38

Medal table

Paweł Czapiewski won the 1500 m gold for Poland.
Paweł Czapiewski won the 1500 m gold for Poland.
Senegalese runner Amy Mbacké Thiam ran a games record in the 400 m.
Senegalese runner Amy Mbacké Thiam ran a games record in the 400 m.

  *   Host nation (Canada)

1 Canada (CAN)*117624
2 Poland (POL)93315
3 Morocco (MAR)76518
4 France (FRA)681327
5 Romania (ROM)43411
6 Mauritius (MRI)4206
7 Ivory Coast (CIV)1214
 Tunisia (TUN)1214
9 Quebec (QBC)1203
10 Senegal (SEN)1113
11 Chad (CHA)1102
12 Haiti (HAI)1012
13 Lithuania (LTU)0426
14 Cameroon (CMR)0224
 Madagascar (MAD)0224
16 Czech Republic (CZE)0213
17 Burundi (BDI)0022
18 Belgium (BEL)0011
 Benin (BEN)0011
 Egypt (EGY)0011
Totals (20 nations)474747141


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