Athletics was one of the sports at the West Asian Games, and featured on the programme at all three editions of the competition, in 1997, 2002, and 2005. The programme had only men's competitions in the first two editions before introducing women's events in 2005.[1]


Games Year Host city Host country
I 1997 (details) Tehran Iran
II 2002 (details) Kuwait City Kuwait
III 2005 (details) Doha Qatar

Medal table

1 Qatar (QAT)1816943
2 Kuwait (KUW)1711634
3 Iran (IRI)15182255
4 Saudi Arabia (KSA)79925
5 Syria (SYR)32510
6 Jordan (JOR)26311
7 Bahrain (BHR)2114
8 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)1102
9 United Arab Emirates (UAE)1023
10 Lebanon (LIB)1001
11 Oman (OMN)0314
12 Turkmenistan (TKM)0055
13 Iraq (IRQ)0033
14 Tajikistan (TJK)0011
Totals (14 entries)676767201


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