Atikaya, a son of Ravana
Personal information

Atikaya was the son of Ravana and his second wife Dhanyamalini in the Ramayana epic.[1][2]

Due to his extraordinary skills and superiority, Atikaya had to be slain by Lakshmana by using a Brahmastra, a powerful weapon of the god Brahma. The wind-god Vayu at the behest of the god Indra, revealed to Lakshmana the secret that an otherwise invincible armour of Lord Brahma was granted to Atikaya, that could only be pierced by a Brahmastra.

Atikaya and his uncle Kumbhakarna are believed to be incarnations of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha, who were tricked and killed by Vishnu at the creation of the world. In another instance, Kumbhakarna said to the incarnation of Vishnu's cursed gatekeeper Viaya.


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