Awards and decorations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are military decorations which recognize service and personal accomplishments while a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Personal Decorations

The following are the authorized decorations of the AFP in their order of precedence:[1]

  1. Medal of Valor (Medalla al Valor de las FF. AA. de Filipinas)
  2. Philippine Legion of Honor (Legion de Honor Filipino)
    1. Chief Commander (CCLH)
    2. Grand Commander (GCLH)
    3. Grand Officer (GOLH)
    4. Commander (CLH)
    5. Officer (OLH)
    6. Legionnaire (LLH)
  3. Outstanding Achievement Medal
  4. Distinguished Conduct Star
  5. Distinguished Service Star (Medalla Militar "Estrella de Servicio Militar Distinguida")
  6. Gawad Sa Kapayapaan (Medalla de Recconocimiento al Paz)
  7. Gold Cross (Medalla Militar "Cruz del Oro")
  8. Distinguished Aviation Cross (Cruz de Aviacion Distinguido)
  9. Distinguished Navy Cross
  10. Silver Cross (Cruz del Plata Militar)
  11. Meritorious Achievement Medal
  12. Distinguished Service Medal (Medalla de Servicio Militar Distinguido)
  13. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, AFP Commendation Medal and Ribbon (Medalla de Recconcimiento del Presidente de Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas de Filipinas)
  14. Gawad sa Kaunlaran (Medalla de Recconcimiento al Progreso)
  15. Bronze Cross (Medalla Militar "Cruz del Bronce")
  16. Silver Wing Medal
  17. Wounded Personnel Medal (Medalla del Personal Herido Militar)
  18. Military Merit Medal (Medalla al Merito Militar de las FF. AA.)
    1. Combat - Spearhead
    2. Achievement/Service - Anahaw
  19. Sagisag ng Ulirang Kawal (Medalla de Soldado Ejemplar de las FF. AA.)
  20. Military Civic Action Medal (Medalla de Accion Civico-Militar)
  21. Parangal sa Kapanalig ng Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas (Medalla "Aliado de las Fuerzas Armadas de Filipinas")
  22. Military Commendation Medal
  23. Armed Forces Conduct Medal
  24. Command Reservist (Volunteer) Officer and (Volunteer) Enlisted Personnel of the Year Medal and Ribbon (Medalla al Merito del Oficial de Comando Reservista/Voluntaria/del Tropa Alistada Reservista/Voluntaria de las FF. AA.)
  25. Kagitingan Sa Barangay (Medalla de Coraje en Barangay)
    1. Category of Lakan
    2. Category of Datu
    3. Category of Maginoo
  26. Civilian Employee's Honorary and Incentive Award (Medalla del Empleado Civil de las FF. AA.)
    1. Distinguished Honor Medal
    2. Superior Honor Medal
  27. Civilian Merit Medal (Medalla al Merito Civil de las FF. AA.)
  28. Annual Efficiency "E" Award for Naval Vessels

Outside the order of precedence:

Service Medals and Ribbons

The following service medals and ribbons are arranged alphabetically and follow no hierarchy or precedence:[1]

  1. American Defense Service Medal (United States)
  2. Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
    1. Luzon Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
    2. Visayan Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
    3. Mindanao Anti-Dissidence Campaign Medal & Ribbon
  3. Asiatic–Pacific Campaign Medal (United States)
  4. Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Operation Ribbon
  5. Jolo and Sulu Campaign Medal & Ribbon
  6. Kalayaan Island Group Campaign Medal and Ribbon
  7. Korean Campaign Medal
  8. Long Service Medal
  9. Philippine Defense Medal & Ribbon
  10. Philippine Independence Medal
  11. Philippine Liberation Medal & Ribbon
  12. Presidential Security Service Ribbon
  13. Resistance Movement Medal
  14. United Nations Service Medal & Ribbon
  15. Vietnam Service Medal & Ribbon
  16. World War II Victory Medal (United States)

Unit Decorations





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