Awre for Blakeney
LocationBlakeney, Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean
Other information
Original companySouth Wales Railway
Pre-groupingGreat Western Railway
Post-groupingGreat Western Railway
Key dates
19 December 1851Station opened
10 August 1959Station closed

Awre for Blakeney railway station is a closed railway station in Gloucestershire, England, which served both the village of Awre and the town of Blakeney.


A 1911 Railway Clearing House map of railways in the vicinity of Awre
A 1911 Railway Clearing House map of railways in the vicinity of Awre

Opened by the South Wales Railway, the station was amalgamated into the Great Western Railway and this in turn was nationalised into British Railways on 1 January 1948. From 1868, it was a junction for the freight-only Forest of Dean Central Railway, and it was sometimes shown in timetables as "Awre Junction". The Forest of Dean line closed in 1949, though it was used as a siding to store wagons for some years afterwards. Awre station was closed to passenger and goods traffic in 1959, though a coal depot remained open until 1961.[1]

The site today

Trains still pass the site on the Gloucester to Newport Line.[2]


Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line open station closed
  Great Western Railway
South Wales Railway
  Great Western Railway
Forest of Dean Central Railway
Line and station closed



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Coordinates: 51°45′38″N 2°26′56″W / 51.76068°N 2.44894°W / 51.76068; -2.44894