B-Daman (ビーダマン, Bīdaman) is a marble shooting toy franchise produced in Japan by Takara. It was originally based on the Bomberman series, but later expanded into other franchises and its own original designs.[1]

The toy's design is a humanoid figure, with a round cavity in its abdomen that houses a specially made marble (though other marbles of the same size may be used). The marble is launched by pressing a spring-loaded trigger on the back of the figure. Different attachments and accessories can be used to change various traits of the B-Daman, such as its accuracy, power, balance, control, and firing rate. They are customizable, and each have their own special gimmick.

In the Japanese language Battle B-Daman toys, the marbles are referred to as "B-Dama". In all cases they are simply called "marbles" (Japanese: ビー玉; bīdama, hence the name "B-Daman") in Japan. In the English language B-Daman toylines and media, the marbles were originally called 'B-DaBalls", but was later changed to "B-DaMarbles" for safety reasons[citation needed].

In 2020, a spiritual successor to the B-Daman brand was launched with Cap Revolution Bottleman. This series shares the majority of its themes and design language with B-Daman, but uses plastic screw caps instead of marbles. Some of the toys included in the series are directly based on B-Daman figures and characters, with appropriately updated names.


Game rules

Depending on how it is played, there are different sets of game rules. In Hasbro's "Battle B-Daman" tournament set, it has the following 10 games:

Unless otherwise stated, the following rules use limited model B-Daman as targets:


Game tournaments are by Hasbro in Canada every summer. Takara hosts many tournaments year round in Japan, much like Beyblade.

B-Daman series

B-Daman was first produced in 1993, modeled after Bomberman, and hence was called "Bomberman B-Daman".

Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden series

Battle B-Daman series

Battle B-Daman is a manga series that debuted in 2003, accompanied by a toyline. This series also featured an anime television series in 2004. Battle B-Daman features the Zero System, which allows for interchangeable parts and customization.

Crash B-Daman series

Crash B-Daman was first launched at the end of 2005. This series specialized on shooting. It uses a pistol type grip and trigger, making it look vaguely like a pistol laid on its side. It is also compatible with some Battle B-Daman parts. The pistol grips and triggers vary in both size, color, and functionality. Crash only produced 40 models before being canceled. Many foreign players liked the design, but Japanese parents believed that the gun-like models were too violent for their kids just as their kids can enjoy, handle and be allowed to see guns on TV.

Used simple gimmicks such as delta core, roller core, etc. Only barrels and magazines from Cartridge B-Daman were backwards compatible.

Add the gimmick of firing a Crash weapon from the handle as well as introducing much more complex gimmicks.

B-Daman Crossfire

A series of B-Daman which has a toyline and anime series. It is completely different compared to the previous B-Daman. Its main character is a boy named Riki. B-Daman Crossfire was directly followed by B-Daman Fireblast.

B-Daman Fireblast

A followup to B-Daman Crossfire called B-Daman Fireblast (known as Cross Fight B-Daman eS in Japan), which introduced emblem charge attacks. It is the succeeding show to B-Daman Crossfire.



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