The numbering zones for roads in Great Britain

B roads are numbered routes in Great Britain of lesser importance than A roads. See the article Great Britain road numbering scheme for the rationale behind the numbers allocated.

This transport-related list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (August 2008)

3 digits

Road From To Notes
B400 A4 Fleet Street A40 Holborn Chancery Lane. One way only Northbound
B401 A40 High Holborn B402 Long Acre Endell Street. One way only Southbound. Formerly included Bow Street and Wellington Street further south.
B402 A400 Charing Cross Road A4200 Kingsway Road Names: Cranbourn Street, Long Acre, Great Queen Street. One-way westbound along Cranbourn Street; one-way eastbound along Long Acre.
B403 (defunct) A40 New Oxford Street, London B401 Endell Street, London Now part of the A40 one-way system.
B404 A401 Shaftesbury Avenue A400 Charing Cross Road Road Names: Monmouth Street, Upper St Martin's Lane, St Martin's Lane. One-way southbound. Crosses Seven Dials and south end is near St Martin-in-the-Fields, the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square.
B405 A4204 Palace Gardens Terrace, near Notting Hill Gate A4204 Kensington Church Street Road Names: Palace Gardens Terrace, Vicarage Gate.

Originally ran along the north side of Trafalgar Square; later upgraded to a loop off the A4. The section along Trafalgar Square is now pedestrianized and the remainder is part of the A4.

B406 A5204 Wigmore Street, Marylebone A4201 Regent Street, Mayfair Road Names: Welbeck Street, Henrietta Place, Vere Street, New Bond Street, Conduit Street. One-way southbound except along Conduit Street.
B407 (defunct) A4 (now A315) Kensington High Street, London A40 Holland Park Avenue, London Upgraded to Class I status as a portion of the A3220. Southern third is now one-way northbound.
B408 A315 King Street, Hammersmith A4020 Shepherd's Bush Road Names: Dalling Road, Paddenswick Road, Askew Road. South part of Dalling Road is one-way southbound.
B409 A402 Goldhawk Road, Stamford Brook B490 at Acton Green Road Names: Stamford Brook Road, Bath Road, South Parade
B410 A402 Bayswater Road A4205 Praed Street at Paddington station Road Names: Leinster Terrace, Craven Hill, Craven Road
B411 A402 Bayswater Road A404 Harrow Road Road names: Queensway, Porchester Road, Lord Hills Bridge. Also includes Inverness Place and Inverness Terrace, for one-way southbound traffic (south part of Queensway is one-way northbound).
B412 A219 Shepherd's Bush A4207 Notting Hill To the West of Ladbroke Grove it follows North Pole Road, St Quentin Avenue, St Marks Road and Cambridge Gardens.

To the East, through Westbourne Park Road. Crosses Portobello Road.

B413 A5 Maida Vale B450 Chamberlayne Road In two parts: Maida Vale to Kilburn Park Road, and Kilburn Park Road to Kensal Green. Via Warwick Avenue Underground station. Road Names: Clifton Road, Clifton Gardens, Warwick Avenue, Formosa Street, Shirland Road, Carlton Vale, Kilburn Lane
B414 A5 Maida Vale A404 Harrow Road at Westbourne Green Road Names: Kilburn Park Road, Walterton Road, Fernhead Road
B415 A4206 Pembridge Road, near Notting Hill Gate B450 Ladbroke Grove Road Names: Kensington Park Road, Elgin Crescent
B416 A4 Wellington Street / A332 roundabout at Slough A413 Amersham Road at Gerrards Cross
B417 - B423 unused
B424 (defunct) Possible typo for the B454.
B425 A45 in Sheldon, West Midlands A41 in Solihull
B430 A34 at Weston-on-the-Green M40 at Ardley The original route of the A43.
B431 - B438 unused
B439 A46 at Salford Priors A4390 at Stratford-upon-Avon Formerly the A439
B440 A4146 and A505 roundabout at Leighton Buzzard A4146 and A4147 in Hemel Hempstead Downgraded non-primary section of the A4146, created in 2017 as part of a wider renumbering related to the A5 Dunstable bypass.
B441 - B449 unused
B450 A402 at Holland Park B451 at Kensal Rise Much of this is Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill and passes close to Portobello Road market.
B451 A404 at Kensal Green A5 at Kilburn Via Kensal Green railway station. Road Names: College Road, Mortimer Road, Harvist Road, Brondesbury Road
B452 A3002 at Brentford A40 at Perivale Via Brentford railway station, Northfields Underground station and West Ealing railway station. Road Names: Windmill Road, Northfield Avenue, Drayton Green Road, Argyle Road, Teignmouth Gardens

Originally ran from Willesden to Neasden (now the A4088).

B453 A407, Willesden High Road, Willesden A4088, Neasden Junction Passes Neasden Underground Station (Jubilee line)
B454 A315 at Isleworth A4127 at Southall Via Syon Lane railway station, and crosses Osterley Park. Road Names: Spur Road, Syon Lane, Windmill Lane.
B455 A315 at Brentford A312/A4180 roundabout at Yeading Via South Ealing Underground station and Ealing Broadway railway station. Road Names: Ealing Road, South Ealing Road, Saint Mary's Road, Ealing Green, Bond Street, Ealing High Street, Ealing Broadway, Haven Green, Castlebar Road, Castlebar Hill, Kent Gardens, Scotch Common, Ruislip Road East, Greenford Broadway, Ruislip Road. Haven Green, Ealing Broadway and Ealing High Street are one-way southbound; Bond Street is one-way northbound.
B456 A40 Western Avenue A4005 at Alperton Road Name: Alperton Lane
B457 (defunct) A4005 at Roxeth A312 at Harrow Now part of a rerouted A4005.
B458 (defunct) A404 in Harrow A4005 in Harrow Declassified as it is within Harrow's ring road, and is now one-way westbound.
B459 (defunct) A410 in Harrow Wield A410 in Stanmore Declassified after the 1990s.
B460 (defunct) A410 in Hatch End A41 in Oxhey Upgraded to Class I status as the A4008 in the 1940s.
B461 A4140 at Stanmore A5 at Edgware Whitchurch Lane, past Canons Park station
B462 A411 at Bushey Arches A5183 at Radlett
B463 (defunct) A404 in Pinner A410 in Pinner Declassified after the 1990s after the rerouting of the A404 north of Pinner.
B464 (defunct) A312 north of Harlington A40 (now A4020) in Hillingdon Renumbered to A437; the southernmost section is unclassified.
B465 A4020 at Hillingdon A408 at Stockley Park Road Name: West Drayton Road
B466 A4020 at Hillingdon A404 at Pinner Via West Ruislip railway station. Road Names: Long Lane, Ickenham High Road, Ickenham Road, Eastcote Road, Eastcote High Road, Cuckoo Hill
B467 A4020 at Uxbridge B466 at Ickenham Road Names: Harefield Road, Swakeleys Road
B468 (defunct) A404 near Northwood A40 (now A411) in Oxhey Upgraded to Class I status as the A4125.
B469 A404 at Northwood A4215 at Northwood Via Northwood Underground station. Road Name: Green Lane
B470 A408 at Cowley A4 at Windsor Via Langley railway station.
B471 Pangbourne, Berkshire A4074 at Woodcote, Oxfordshire Originally ran from Iver Heath to Denham (now the A412). The northernmost section was later cut in two by the M40 and the old B471, Southlands Road, now goes nowhere.
B472 A404 at Northwood Hills B466 at Eastcote Via Northwood Hills Underground station. Road Name: Joel Street

First used from Slough to Chalfont St Peter; this was upgraded in the 1920s to a portion of a rerouted A332. Reused along old B473 from Beaconsfield to Amersham when the B473 was rerouted to Hazelmere, but became the B473 (now A355) again in 1935.

B473 (defunct) A4 at Slough A413 in Amersham Rerouted to Hazelmere when the A332 replaced the original B472, with the original route to Beaconsfield renumbered to B472. In 1934 the B473 was proposed to be extended south along the B3027, replacing the B474 as a spur to the A332, and rerouted along the B472 to Amersham, with the Beaconsfield-Hazelmere section numbered as a B road (not as B472, however). The extension south was rejected in January 1935 as it would have put the B473 out-of-zone, but the other proposals proceeded as planned and were implemented in April 1935. The Beaconsfield-Hazelmere section was numbered as the B474. Due to an increase of traffic, the B473 was upgraded to Class I status as an extension of the A355 in the 1970s.
B474 A40 at Beaconsfield A404 at Hazlemere Former portion of B473.

Originally ran from Stoke Poges to Farnham Royal; it was renumbered as a spur of the B473 in 1935. Now part of the B416.

B475 (defunct) A4 in Slough Slough railway station Declassified in the 1960s when the A4 was rerouted.
B476 (defunct) A4 near Taplow A32 (now A4094) in Wooburn Downgraded because it paralleled the A4094. Now MC61 and C172.
B477 A4 at Hare Hatch A321 at Wargrave Narrow with virtually no white line markings in centre of road.
B478 A4 road at Charvil A4155 (former A32) via Sonning
B479 (defunct) A32 in Caversham A423 in Benson Originally ended at the A42 in Streatley, but was rerouted in the 1930s to Benson, with the old route becoming B4526 and B4008 (now B4009). When the A423 was cut in half by the runway at RAF Benson, the B479 was rerouted out of Benson entirely. The section between Benson and the A4130 at Crowmarsh Gifford became a portion of a rerouted A423 in the 1960s with the remainder upgraded to the A4074, which would also replace the A423 after it was rerouted.
B480 A4130 Fair Mile, Henley-on-Thames Iffley
B481 A4155 Caversham B480 just south of Watlington Connects Reading to B4009 at Watlington and hence the M40 2.5miles north of Watlington
B482 A4155 Marlow A40 Stokenchurch By way of Lane End, Bolter End and Cadmore End
B483 A4020 at Uxbridge A40 at Ickenham Road Name: Park Road
B484 (defunct) A416 at High Wycombe railway station A416 at Wycombe Abbey Became a portion of the A404 in 1935.
B485 A416 at Chesham A413 at Great Missenden
B486 B4635 in Tring B488 in Tring Former portion of the B488 before it was rerouted.

Originally ran from Boxmoor to Leighton Buzzard (now A4146, A4012 and B440).

B487 Hemel Hempstead A1081 in Harpenden
B488 Aston Clinton, Tring A4146 south of Leighton Buzzard, Begins at a grade separated junction east of Aston Clinton.
B489 B4009 at Aston Clinton A5/A505 at Dunstable Formerly started on the A41, now crosses the bypassed A41 and starts in Aston Clinton on the B4009.
B490 A315 at Chiswick A4020 at Acton Via Chiswick Park Underground station. Road Names: Acton Lane, Beaconsfield Road, Acton Lane, Winchester Street
B491 A315 at Chiswick B490 near Acton Via Turnham Green Underground station. Road Names: Turnham Green Terrace, The Avenue, Southfield Road
B492 (defunct) A40 in Acton A4000 in Acton Now part of the A4000 one-way system.
B493 - B499 unused

B4000 to B4099

Road From To Notes
B4000 A4/A34 at Speen, Berkshire A361 at Highworth, Wiltshire Via Lambourn, Ashbury and Shrivenham
B4001 A4 at Hungerford, Berkshire A417 north of West Challow Via Lambourn
B4002 (defunct) New Road, Marlborough The Common, Marlborough Now part of the A346.
B4003 A4, near West Overton A4361, at Avebury Stone Circle Single track throughout length.
B4004 (defunct) The former classification of Ringland Way in Newport. Upgraded to Class I status as the A455 by 1968 and is now part of a rerouted A48 as a portion of the Southern Distributor Road.
B4005 M4 Motorway junction 16 at Swindon and Wootton Bassett A346 road east of Chiseldon Via Wroughton
B4006 A3102 in West Swindon A4361 north of Wroughton Incomplete orbital route through suburbs of Swindon. Begins west of the centre as part of Great Western Way then orbits north and east, becoming Dorcan Way in the east, and continues through southern suburbs.
B4008 Stroud Quedgeley Formerly part of the A419.
B4009 A4 / A339 at Newbury A41 at Tring, Hertfordshire Exists in two sections, connected by the A4074.
B4011 A418 at Thame A41 near Bicester Via Long Crendon. Turnpiked in 1833.
B4012 A40 at Postcombe A4129 at Thame Forms eastern bypass for Thame. Originally met B4011 in town centre.
B4014 A429 north of Malmesbury A46 at Nailsworth Via Tetbury and Avening. Formerly part of A434.
B4015 A415 Clifton Hampden B480 Chiselhampton
B4016 B4017 Drayton A417 Blewbury Via Sutton Courtenay, Appleford-on-Thames and East Hagbourne
B4017 B4044 Farmoor A4130 Milton Hill Via Cumnor, Abingdon and Drayton. The section of road between Abingdon and Milton Hill was formerly part of the A34.
B4018 (defunct) This road number was originally allocated to Broad Street in Abingdon which connected Bath Street (B4017) and Stert Street (A415). It subsequently became a spur of the B4017 and later the A415. It is now unclassified and partly pedestrianised. The number was later used for a former section of the A465 in Hirwaun running along High Street in the town but is now unclassified.
B4019 Faringdon, Oxfordshire A419 at Broad Blunsdon, Wiltshire Via Highworth
B4020 A40 at Burford A4095 at Clanfield Originally continued along present A4095 to Faringdon. Diverted from previous route when runway at RAF Brize Norton extended.
B4022 A40 at Cogges, Oxfordshire A361 near Great Tew Via Witney, Charlbury and Enstone. The former route of the A40 between Cogges and Witney
B4024 B4215 near Dymock A449 in Much Marcle
B4025 A34 in Hall Green, Birmingham A41 at Solihull
B4026 A3400 (old A34) near Over Norton B4437 in Charlbury Previously continued to B4022
B4027 A40 at Wheatley A44 at Glympton By way of Beckley. Number formerly duplicated – road in Warwickshire once so numbered is now B4428
B4028 B4228 in Coleford A4136 at Edge End Prior to construction of Coleford relief road, met B4228 in Market Place. Via Mile End.
B4029 B4113 at Bedworth B4428 near Brinklow Via Bulkington. Previously continued along present B4455 to Brinklow. Continued along now unclassified road to Ryton.
B4030 A44 near Enstone B4100 at Bicester Town Centre Via Church Enstone, Gagingwell, Westcott Barton, Middle Barton, Bartongate, Hopcroft's Holt, Lower Heyford and Middleton Stoney. Turnpiked in 1797 and disturnpiked in 1876.
B4031 A361 near Great Tew A43 near Croughton, Northamptonshire Via Deddington
B4032 A413 near Winslow A4146 at Linslade
B4033 A413 near Winslow, Buckinghamshire A421 near Nash, Buckinghamshire
B4034 A421 in south western Milton Keynes A422 in northern Milton Keynes Concurrent with V8 Marlborough Street from A422/H3 Monks Way to A421/H8 Standing Way. Concurrent with V7 Saxon Street from A421 to Brunel Roundabout, Bletchley. From this roundabout the road heads west to meet with the A421 and the southern terminus of V1 Snelshall Street.
B4035 Banbury A4184 in Evesham Via Broughton, Tadmarton, Swalcliffe, Brailes, Shipston-on-Stour, Chipping Campden, Bretforton and Badsey
B4036 Daventry A5 at Long Buckby Wharf Formerly continued to Market Harborough via Naseby, site of the English Civil War battle of that name, and ran close to a junction with the A14 and M1 junction 18
B4037 A361 at Badby A45 near Dodford Via Newnham.
B4038 A361/A5 at Kilsby A428 at Hillmorton Can be accessed from the A5 or A361. Formerly much longer as it continued along what is now part of the A361 between Daventry and Kilsby. Today the road is only about 3 miles (5 km) long, linking Kilsby and Rugby, whilst bypassing J18 of the M1.
B4039 A420 west of Chippenham B4040 at Acton Turville
B4040 A46 at Old Sodbury, South Gloucestershire A419 at Cricklade, Wiltshire Via Malmesbury
B4041 A419 in Cricklade, Wiltshire A4361 near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire Via Wootton Bassett. The former northernmost section, from Cricklade to north of Purton, is now part of the B4553.
B4042 A429 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire A3102 in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire
B4043 A458 in Quinton, West Midlands A456 in Halesowen, West Midlands
B4044 A420 at Botley A40 at Eynsham Passes over Swinford Toll Bridge. Part of the A40 until the 1930s, later renumbered as the A4141.
B4046 A420 in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire A431 in Hanham|
B4047 Witney, Oxfordshire A40 west of Minster Lovell Former route of the A40
B4048 A432 in Fishponds, Bristol A4017 near Kingswood, South Gloucestershire Lodge Causeway
B4051 A4018 at Park Street top, Bristol M32, Junction 3 Park Row, Marlborough St and Ashley Road
B4052 B4051 at Sussex Place, Bristol A38 at Horfield, Bristol Ashley Hill and Ashley Down Road
B4053 The Centre, Bristol Temple Gate, Bristol Baldwin Street, Bristol Bridge and Victoria Street
B4054 A38 at Gloucester Road, Bristol A4 at Avonmouth Cranbrook Road, Parry's Lane and Shirehampton Road
B4055 A4018 at Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol New Passage The route is in two parts separated by a mile of the A4018. One runs from Westbury-on-Trym through Henbury to the south end of Cribbs Causeway and the other from J17 of the M5 to New Passage.
B4056 A4018 at Durdham Down, Bristol A38 at Filton Henleaze Road and Southmead Road
B4057 B4054 at Kingsweston A4018 at Brentry Part One
A38 at Patchway B4058 at Winterbourne, Gloucestershire Part Two: the two parts are separated by Filton Airfield, and were connected before the runway was extended in 1949.[1]
B4058 A432 at Eastville, Bristol A46 at Nailsworth
B4059 A432 at Yate B4427 at Earthcott Via Iron Acton; exists in two sections, connected by the B4058.
B4060 A432 at Yate A4135 at Cam Via Wotton under Edge
B4061 A38 at Alveston, Glos A38 near Whitfield Connects Thornbury with the A38
B4062 B4058 east of Charfield, Gloucestershire B4060 at Kingswood, Stroud District
B4063 A40 west of Cheltenham Gloucester Formerly part of the A40
B4064 B4055 in Pilning Severn Beach and New Passage Has three arms at roundabout close to M4. Section to New Passage part of B4055 until 1930s.
B4065 A38, north of Droitwich B4090 in Droitwich town centre Former route of A38
M6 Anstey Interchange (Junction 2) B4109 at Wolvey Duplicate number. Former route of A46.
B4066 A419 at Dudbridge, Gloucestershire Sharpness Via Dursley and Berkeley, the section near Dursley is the original B4065.
B4068 A436 west of Naunton, Gloucestershire Stow-on-the-Wold
B4069 A3102 north of Lyneham Chippenham, junction with A420 Formerly part of the A420
B4070 A417 at Birdlip, Gloucestershire Stroud
B4071 A38 south of Whitminster, Gloucestershire Saul, Gloucestershire
B4072 Gloucester A38 at Tuffley
B4073 Gloucester A46 at Painswick
B4074 (defunct) Linked A419 (current A417) and A40 (now B4063) in Gloucester. Known as Elmbridge Road.
B4075 A435 near Cheltenham Racecourse A40, London Road, Cheltenham Via Prestbury
B4076 A4114 in Allesley Brownshill Green Road Called Coundon Wedge Drive, it was built to serve the main gates of the now closed Jaguar Browns Lane site. Previously all traffic had to use Browns Lane to access the A4114/A45.
B4077 A46 & A435 at the Teddington Hands east of Tewkesbury A429 in Stow-on-the-Wold Via Teddington, Toddington, Stanway, Ford and Upper Swell
B4078 Winchcombe, Gloucestershire A46 at Sedgeberrow
B4079 B4080 at Bredon, Worcestershire A46 at Aston Cross, Gloucestershire Via Kinsham and Aston on Carrant
B4080 A4104 at Defford, Worcestershire A38 at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Via Eckington, Bredon's Norton, Bredon and Bredon's Hardwick
B4081 A44 west of Blockley, Gloucestershire B4632 at Mickleton Via Chipping Campden. A road of the same number previously ran from Wyken to Willenhall
B4082 A422 at Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire A44 at Pinvin, Worcestershire Via Naunton Beauchamp
A428 at Binley B4113 (old A444) at Little Heath Duplicate number. Partly occupies original A4082 route.
B4083 A44 at Pinvin, Worcestershire A4104 at Pershore, Worcestershire Via Wyre Piddle
B4084 A4184 and B4035 at Evesham, Worcestershire M5 at Whittington, Worcestershire Previously the A44. There is also a spur named the B4084 between the new A44 at Egdon and the main B4084 near Windmill Hill
B4085 B439 at Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire B4035 at Badsey, Worcestershire Via Marlcliff, Cleeve Prior, The Littletons and Blackminster
B4086 A422 in Stratford-upon-Avon B4100 near Warmington Via Tiddington, Wellesbourne, Compton Verney, Kineton and Edge Hill
B4087 B4086 in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire A422 and A445 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Via Whitnash, Warwickshire
B4088 A422 and A441 west of Alcester, Warwickshire A44 north of Evesham, Worcestershire Via Weethley, Dunnington, Iron Cross, Norton and Harvington. Formerly continuation of A441.
B4089 A3400 at Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire A435 and B4090 at Alcester, Warwickshire Via Little Alne, Great Alne and Kinwarton
B4090 A38, south of Droitwich A435, north of Alcester Occupies former route of A38 in Droitwich. Via Feckenham and Woolmere Green.
B4091 A491, Stoneybridge Island B4090 at Hanbury Originally A449, then A491 between Stoneybridge and Stoke Heath.
B4092 A422 at Holberrow Green A435, south of Studley Via Astwood Bank and Studley
B4093 B4092 in Studley Woodrow, Redditch Originally continued into Redditch town centre.
B4094 A441 B4091 Short road in Stoke Heath, known as Worcester Road throughout its length.
B4095 (defunct) Upgraded to A4189. Formerly crossed River Arrow on now dismantled bridge west of the A435 junction. However several road signs for the B4095 remain in Redditch.
B4096 B4184 in Redditch A441 near Cofton Park Originally northern terminus was on the A456 in Halesowen. This became the A459 and is now the B4451.
B4098 A51 south of Kingsbury, Warwickshire Coventry City Centre. Entire route formerly classified A423
via Nether Whitacre, Furnace End, Over Whitacre, Fillongley, Corley and Coundon. Section from Kingsbury to B4114 (then the A47) later became an extension of the A51. After the A47 was downgraded, the section of A51 beyond Kingsbury was downgraded to the B4098 which ran as far as Coundon on the edge of Coventry. The remaining part of the former A423 was renumbered A4170 into Coventry until the 1980s when the B4098 was extended to Coventry City Centre.
B4099 A445 in western Leamington Spa A425 in south-eastern Leamington Spa

B4100 to B4199

Road From To Notes
B4100 Bicester M40 near Bishop's Tachbrook (and upon reprisal – A441 Digbeth). Former alignment of A41 prior to the opening of M40. Starts in Bicester near the Bicester Village designer outlet and crosses the A43 near M40 J10. Continues via Baynards Green and Aynho then multiplexes with the A4260 from Adderbury for approximately 3.5 miles. It then regains its status from the Warwick Road, Banbury for less than 12 a mile as it becomes the A422 briefly. It then fully regains its status as the B4100, near Drayton where it continues for 14 miles passing M40 J12 & J13 at Gaydon and Warwick, respectively.

The road is briefly reprised in Birmingham City Centre as a continuation of the A34 until it meets with the B4114 and A47 in Birmingham City Centre. Also used for the section of former A41 from junction with A4540 to A4400 Snow Hill Queensway.

B4101 Coventry City Centre Redditch Town Centre Passes through the villages of Balsall Common, Temple Balsall, Knowle, Dorridge, Hockley Heath, Wood End, Holt End and Beoley. Formerly part of the A4023.
B4102 Nuneaton Town Centre B4101 near Earlswood, West Midlands
B4103 A452 at Kenilworth A452 near Kenilworth
B4104 A452 at Kenilworth B4103 at Kenilworth
B4106 A4114 at Allesley, Coventry B4101 at Spon End, Coventry
B4107 A429 at Earlsdon, Coventry B4098 at Radford, Coventry
B4109 Coventry City Centre Hinckley Town Centre
B4110 B4109 at Hillfields, Coventry A45/A46 at Willenhall, Coventry
B4111 B4114 in Hartshill, Nuneaton Atherstone Originally B4115, then upgraded to A4135 before assuming current number. Via Mancetter.
B4112 A426 in Rugby, Warwickshire B4114 in Church End, Warwickshire
B4113 A444 in Nuneaton A452 near Leamington Spa
B4114 A34, Birmingham A5460 at Fosse Shopping Park, Leicestershire Has two branches in central Birmingham, both follow parts of the former Inner Ring Road. Broken by a section of A47 between A4540 Middleway and Saltley. Connects Birmingham to Coleshill. Except for section of former A4400, entire route formerly part of A47.
B4115 A45 in Finham, Coventry A46/A429 near Warwick
B4116 B4098, B4114 at Over Whitacre, Warwickshire B5006 near Measham, Leicestershire
B4117 B4118 in Water Orton, Warwickshire A446, near Coleshill, Warwickshire
B4118 Castle Bromwich, West Midlands A446, near Water Orton, Warwickshire
B4119 B4118 in Castle Bromwich, West Midlands B4114 in Castle Bromwich
B4120 A38 in Longbridge, Birmingham A441 near Alvechurch, Worcestershire
B4121 A4123 at Quinton, Birmingham A441 at Cotteridge, Birmingham
B4122 A435 in King's Heath, Birmingham A4040 in King's Heath
B4123 (defunct) This road ran from the A456 Hagley Road near Birmingham's boundary with Smethwick in Bearwood to a junction with the A441 near King's Norton running via Harborne. It was subsequently replaced by the A4123 south of Harborne and then later by an extended A4030 which also absorbed the A4123 beyond Harborne. During the 1960s, the route became part of the A4040.
B4124 A4540 in Ladywood, Birmingham A4040 in Harborne, Birmingham The middle section of the B4124 is now the A4540.
B4124 A41 in Hockley, Birmingham A34 in Great Barr, Birmingham
B4125 A456 in Edgbaston, Birmingham A4030 in Smethwick, West Midlands Crosses the former Harborne Branch Line, now a footpath.
B4126 A4040 in Winson Green B4145 near Small Heath, Birmingham Exists in two sections, connected by the A4540.
B4127 A38 Suffolk Street Queensway in Birmingham A4540 Islington Row Middleway in Birmingham Originally started on New Street in City Centre.
B4128 B4100, Digbeth A4040 near Stechford, Birmingham Extended to B4100 when A45 diverted onto Small Heath bypass.
B4129 A457 in Cape Hill, Birmingham A4040 in Harborne, Birmingham Runs via Metchley Lane, former boundary between Staffordshire and Warwickshire.
B4130 (defunct) Linked Bull Ring and Camp Hill in Birmingham as alternative to A41. Ran down Jamaica Row (no longer exists), Cheapside and Ravenhurst Street.
B4131 (defunct) Ran between Digbeth (then the A41) and B4132, Curzon Street via Meriden Street and New Canal Street.
B4132 A41 in Birmingham A38(M) at Aston Originally started on Birmingham High Street which was then the A47. Ran down Curzon Street (where it met the B4131) and Lawley Street.
B4133 A4540 Dartmouth Middleway, Birmingham A47 in Nechells, Birmingham May not exist. Formerly started on Inner Ring Road.
B4134 (defunct) Ran down Livery Street, Birmingham City Centre.
B4135 A457 in Smethwick, West Midlands A4400, Birmingham Section between A4540 road and A4400 was originally A457.
B4136 A4092 in Smethwick, West Midlands A41 in Handsworth, Birmingham Originally ran along Waterloo Road but this was upgraded to the A4092 in 1924.
B4137 A4040 in Witton, Birmingham A47 in Nechells, Birmingham Prior to the creation of the A4040, continued to A41 in Handsworth.
B4138 A453 in Perry Barr, Birmingham A4026 in Little Aston, Staffordshire Originally continued along College Road to the current A34.
B4139 Six Ways Island, Erdington A5127 in Erdington Erdington High Street (original A38). Mostly one way. Due to pedestrianised northern part of High Street, diverted along New Street. Previously used for the section of A453 between Perry Barr and Sutton Coldfield.
B4140 A41 in Hockley, Birmingham A4040 in Witton, Birmingham
B4141 B4006 (original A419 in Swindon) A361 in Swindon Originally unclassified, it was part of the A345 during the 1970s. A road of the same number originally ran from Salford Circus, Birmingham to a junction with the A446 in Curdworth. When this was upgraded to A road, the B4141 was reused for the previously unclassified road between the A446 junction and A423 near Kingsbury. This was upgraded to A road status too when the A38 Sutton Coldfield bypass opened (although the original route along Old Kingsbury Road has been closed to traffic).
B4142 A5127 in Erdington, Birmingham A453 in New Oscott, Birmingham
B4143 A4311 in Swindon B4006 in Swindon Gypsy Lane in Swindon
B4144 A41 in Hockley, Birmingham B4132 in Nechells, Birmingham
B4145 A41 in Sparkhill, Birmingham B4114 in Saltley, Birmingham
B4146 A41 in Tyseley, Birmingham A435 in King's Heath, Birmingham
B4147 A4040 in Stechford, Birmingham B4114 in Hodge Hill, Birmingham
B4148 A453 in Whitehouse Common, Sutton Coldfield A38 in East Birmingham; A5127 in Erdington Two branches south/west of Walmley
B4149 B4166 in Greets Green, West Midlands A453 in New Oscott, Birmingham
B4150 A420 Headington Hill A40 Oxford Northern Bypass Marston Road and Marsh Lane in Oxford.
B4151 A4148 in Walsall A453 near Bassetts Pole, Warwickshire Terminus is actually in Staffordshire
B4152 A454 in Aldridge, West Midlands A452 in Brownhills, West Midlands
B4153 A461 B4152 Coppice Road in Walsall Wood. Not signposted.
B4154 A4041 in Pheasey, West Midlands B5013 in Hednesford, Staffordshire
B4155 A452 in Brownhills, West Midlands A5 near Brownhills, in Staffordshire Prior to 1927, the road started at the junction of Broad Street and Stafford Street in Wolverhampton city centre. Some maps indicate the B4155 ends at the junction with the B5011 although some signs on the ground indicate it continues to the next roundabout where the B4155 (unsigned) turns left to end on the modern A5. The road ahead is now closed and gated but the B4155 originally continued along that road to a junction with the original A5.
B4156 A460 in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton A34 in Great Wyrley, Staffordshire Lanes split to form one way system in Cheslyn Hay.
B4157 (defunct) Ran from New Road, Willenhall (original A454) to A462 in Ashmore Lake via Lower and Upper Lichfield Street. Later extended to Bilston Lane (A463, then A454, now B4484). Section through and north of Willenhall declassified in 1970s, southern section now B4484. Signs for B5147 (presumably a typo) at Bloxwich Road South junction with A462 in Lane Head, near New Invention were installed as recently as 2012 replacing accident damaged ones.
B4158 Chippenham, junction with A420 A350 north of Chippenham This is known as Malmesbury Road in Chippenham. This was previously used for the following roads in Wolverhampton: Garrick Street, Market Street and Princess Street. After Dudley Street (the original route of the A459) was pedestrianised in the 1960s, these streets formed a rerouted A459 until all roads in the city centre were declassified in 1986.
B4159 A454 at Perton, Staffordshire A5 near Gailey, Staffordshire This was originally used for the northern half of School Street Wolverhampton until the southern section opened in the 1960s. Prior to then the A449 had run along Worcester Street and Victoria Street in the town centre. Upon the opening of the southern part of School Street, the roads exchanged designation with Victoria Street becoming the B4159 instead. In common with all roads in the city centre, Victoria Street was declassified in 1986 and work started in 2022 to pedestrianise the street. The current B4159 is unsigned.
B4160 Redditch Ring Road. One-way throughout its length. A road of the same number ran down Lower Stafford Street (between Cannock Road and Stafford Road) in Wolverhampton until the 1960s.
B4161 A4039 in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton A41 near Tettenhall via Compton and Penn
B4162 A41 in Bilston A4039 in Bilston. Previously also met A463 at A4039 junction prior to opening of Black Country Route (A463/A454). This was part of the London-Holyhead coaching route prior to the opening of Wellington Road as part of Thomas Telford's improvement work. This route number was briefly allocated to the current A4126.
B4163 A41 in Bilston A461 in Dudley Port, Sandwell via Coseley (Daisy Bank)
B4164 A40 in Whitchurch Symonds Yat East
B4165 (defunct) Connected West Bromwich and Walsall town centres. Now the A4031.
B4166 A461 near Great Bridge, West Midlands A4034 near Oldbury, West Midlands Originally ran between West Bromwich Street (former A4035), Great Bridge and A4034 in Oldbury town centre.
B4167 B4124 in Hamstead, Birmingham A4041 in Great Barr, West Midlands
B4168 (defunct) Ran down Roebuck Lane and Galton Bridge between Smethwick and West Bromwich. Galton Bridge is now closed to traffic while Roebuck Lane was severed by the M5.
B4169 Smethwick Town Centre, West Midlands A4034 in Blackheath, West Midlands Divides into two branches, each joining A4034 north and south of Blackheath
B4170 A457 in Oldbury, West Midlands B4169 in Langley Green, West Midlands
B4171 A459 Dudley, West Midlands Blackheath, West Midlands Extended via former route of A461 Trindle Hill to meet A459 when bypass opened.
B4172 A461 in Brierley Hill A4100 in Brierley Hill Prior to 1925 continued to Cradley Heath along current route of A4100.
B4173 A459 in Netherton, West Midlands A458 in Cradley
B4174 A4100 in Quarry Bank, West Midlands A458 in Cradley
B4175 A449 in Wall Heath A459 in Upper Gornal, Dudley via Gornal Wood
B4176 B4177 in Dudley A442 south of Telford Forms part of one way system with B4177 in Dudley.
B4177 B4171 in Dudley A459/A461 junction in Blowers Green, Dudley King Street was part of A461 until Dudley Southern Bypass opened. Blowers Green Road part of A459 until bypass opened. Between 1922 and 1925, this was allocated to the current A4101 between the A461 and A449 (then A4040) junctions.
B4178 A449 in Wall Heath A4101 west of Kingswinford Town Centre Called Swindon Road along its entirety and runs for approximately half a mile
B4179 A4101 in Pensnett, West Midlands A461 in Brierley Hill Town Centre Previously continued along Tansey Green Road to B4175 Stallings Lane.
B4180 A491 in Wordsley, West Midlands A461 in Brierley Hill Eastern section of Brockmoor High Street is one way, traffic redirected along Hickman Road
B4182 A456 in Bearwood, West Midlands B4170 in Langley Green, West Midlands
B4183 Halesowen Town Centre, West Midlands A456 in Hayley Green, West Midlands Formerly route of A456 until Halesowen by-pass opened.
B4184 A441 in Redditch A448 in Bromsgrove Town Centre Largely follows the former route of the A448.
B4185 B4091 (former A449) in Catshill, Worcestershire A38 near Lydiate Ash, Worcestershire
B4186 A458 in Wollaston, West Midlands A4036 just south of Lye Previously used for St John Street in Bromsgrove which is now part of the A448 and B4184.
B4187 A491 in Stourbridge A456 in Hagley, Worcestershire This originally ran from the A450 to the A456 along Park Road. When the A450 through West Hagley was downgraded, this became the B4187 too. The old route remains as a spur of the B4187.
B4188 A491 near Belbroughton, Worcestershire A456 in Blakedown, Worcestershire
B4189 A449 near Kidderminster, Worcestershire A442 near Kidderminster, Worcestershire Bridges the River Severn north of Kidderminster
B4190 B4189 near Kidderminster, Worcestershire A456 near Bewdley, Worcestershire Crosses the River Severn at Bewdley
B4191 (defunct) Ran along Oxford Street and Worcester Street in Kidderminster. Mostly pedestrianised it was at one time part of the A451 one-way system.
B4192 A419 at Commonhead, near M4 on east edge of Swindon, Wiltshire A4 in Hungerford, Berkshire Formerly part of the A419 until the M4 was built. Previously used for the road from Bromsgrove to Kidderminster, now part of the A442.
B4193 A449 near Hartlebury, Worcestershire A4025 at Stourport, Worcestershire
B4194 B4196 at Areley Kings, Worcestershire B4363 near Kinlet, Shropshire Goes through Bewdley
B4195 B4190 at Bewdley, Worcestershire A451 at Stourport, Worcestershire
B4196 A451 at Areley Kings, Worcestershire A443 at Holt Heath, Worcestershire
B4197 A443 at Great Witley, Worcestershire A44 at Knightwick, Worcestershire
B4199 B4194 near Kinlet, Shropshire B4363 near Kinlet, Shropshire 1 mile long

B4200 to B4299

Road From To Notes
B4200 Wednesbury, West Midlands A4038 near Darlaston, West Midlands Previously continued to A462 in Darlaston Green. Originally (1922—1927) the route number for the A4117 in Shropshire
B4201 A4117 near Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire B4363 near Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire Passes Lakeside Country Park.
B4202 A443 at Abberley, Worcestershire A4117 near Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire via Abberley and Bayton Common.
B4203 A443 at Great Witley, Worcestershire A44 at Bromyard, Herefordshire via Stanford-on-Teme and Upper Sapey
B4204 A443 at Worcester A4112 at Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire via Lower Broadheath (birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar)
B4205 A44 gyratory, Worcester A44 London Road This road runs through Worcester city centre. Passes Worcester Shrub Hill.
B4206 A443 at Worcester A449 at Worcester Malvern Road was the route of the A48 until the 1920s.
B4207 (defunct) Now the B4312, it formed a bypass for the A40 through Carmarthen prior to the opening of the A40 bypass. A previous B4207 now forms the A4103 in Worcestershire.
B4208 B4213 at Staunton A449 at Newland, Worcestershire via Pendock and Barnard's Green
B4209 A449 at Malvern Wells B4211 (former A440) at Hanley Castle passes Three Counties Showground.
B4210 Walsall, West Midlands A462 near Essington, Staffordshire The section between Bloxwich and Walsall was originally the A34. They swapped numbers about 1987.
B4211 A449 at Malvern A417 between Corse and Hartpury, Gloucestershire The road originally ended on the A4104 but was later extended along the course of the A440 to Barnard's Green and later still along the remaining former A440 (which had become the A4532) to Malvern.
B4212 (defunct) A38 at The Grove A440 (now A4104) at Holly Grove Declassified after the 1990s. Now just an access road.
B4214 A438 at Ledbury, Herefordshire A4117 at Cleehill, Shropshire 28 miles long. Originally continued along current route of A417 to A40 near Gloucester.
B4215 A449, Preston Cross Roundabout A40, near Hynam Originally started at Hope under Dinmore on A49 and followed course of current A417/A4172.
B4216 A438/A449 in Ledbury A40 in Huntley Concurrent with B4215 between Dymock and Newent
B4217 Five Ways, Birmingham A4040 Fox Hollies Road at Acocks Green, Birmingham Route of the number 1 bus. Via Edgbaston and Moseley. A road of the same number passed through Wyche Pass in Malvern but was upgraded to the A4105 in the 1920s. Part of it became the B4218 in the 1960s, the rest unclassified.
B4218 A449 in Malvern A449, West of Malvern Hills This road partly follows the earlier route of the B4217 but is diverted in the area of Fossil Bank. Via Colwall Green and Upper Colwall. Route was A4105 between the 1920s and 1960s.
B4219 A4103 at Storridge B4232 in Malvern Marked unsuitable for HGVs due to narrow width of road.
B4220 B4214 in Bosbury A44, near Bromyard via Pow Green, Westfield and Stony Cross. Section between A4103 and Bosbury briefly upgraded to A4154 (which continued to the A438, north of Ledbury.
B4221 B4215 at Newent A40 at Ross-on-Wye Includes link to T-junction with M50 at Junction 3.
B4222 B4224, south of Lea B4221 in Kilcot via Aston Crews and Aston Ingham
B4223 A4058 at Llwynypia A4061 near Treorchy via Ton Pentre
B4224 A438 at Hereford A4136 at Mitcheldean via Hampton Bishop, Mordiford and north Mitcheldean
B4225 A449 at Old Gore B4224 at Old Gore Very short road to be used to cut the Old Gore Crossroads and Give Way traffic.
B4226 A4151 at Cinderford B4028 at Coleford via Forest of Dean
B4227 B4226 at Cinderford A4151 at Cinderford Originally started on the current A48, which was numbered A437 at the time, in Blakeney and ended on the A40 in Ross-on-Wye town centre.
B4228 A48 near Chepstow A4136 near Coleford At one time, the southern terminus was at the Aust Ferry. Also ran to Ross-on-Wye.
B4229 A4137 at A40 B4234 near Goodrich passes former Flanesford Priory
B4230 A438 near Byford A4112 near Weobley By way of Mansell Gamage, Norton Canon and Weobley
B4231 B4228 in Trow Green former A48 in Lydney via Bream. Originally started on A466 near Monmouth
B4232 A449 below Herefordshire Beacon A449 near Link Top Runs around the Western side of the Malvern Hills.
B4233 Abergavenny Monmouth By way of Llanvapley and Rockfield
B4234 A40/A449 near Ross-on-Wye B4231 in Lydney via Forest of Dean. Hill Street in Lydney was once part of the A48. (Still signed as such.)
B4325 A472, east of Usk A466 road, Chepstow bypass Originally started in Usk town centre on A449 (originally A48). Replaced by A472 when bypass opened. Via Slough
B4236 A4042 near Llanrafon B4237 (former A48) via Caerleon. The section through Caerleon was originally the A48.
B4237 A48 at Newport A48 at Newport (M4 J24) Now part of the former A48 route through Newport. The previous route, including Newport Transporter Bridge is now unclassified.
B4238 (defunct) Short road in Newport City centre: Emlyn Street (now Emlyn Walk) and Dock Street. Now largely pedestrianised.
B4239 B4487 in Rumney, Cardiff A48 in Duffryn, Newport via Peterstone Wentlooge. At one time it crossed the Newport Transporter Bridge before being replaced by the B4237.
B4240 B4237, Cardiff Road, Newport B4591, Caerau Crescent in Newport Stow Park Avenue
B4241 (defunct) Harlequin Roundabout, A4042 B4591 (former A467) in Newport Declassified in the 2000s.
B4242 A4109 at Aberdulais Pontneddfechan Mostly follows the former route of the Heads of the Valley Road (A465).
B4243 (defunct) A467 in Bassaleg A468 in Rogerstone Renumbered to A4072 (now A467) in 1935.
Ran along Lleyncelyn Road, North Road and Porth Street in Porth; now part of the B4278 one-way system. The route is shown as an A-road in the early 1970s, so the number was probably assigned after the completion of the A4058 bypass. Although no maps have been found showing the B5243 number, it is possible that the number was briefly assigned before the renumbering to the B4278.
B4244 (defunct) A472 in Pontypool A4042 in Llantarnam Upgraded to Class I status as the A4051 in the 1960s, but later road network improvements in Cwnbran led to the route being bypassed and was then declassified.
B4245 A48 at Llandevaud A48 at Caldicot via Llanmartin and Magor. A road of the same number previously ran from Little Mill, near Pontypool to Abergavenny. It was upgraded to A4125 and now forms part of the A4042.
B4246 A4043 at Abersychan A465 at Govilon
A465 at Llanfoist
By way of Blaenavon
B4247 Rhossili A4118 in Scurlage via Pitton.
B4248 B4246 near Blaenavon A467 at Brynmawr via Llanelly Hill
B4251 A467 in Portllanfraith A467 in Wattsville The two spurs off the main route in Portllanfraith were originally the A472 and A4048, the latter being the original northern route of the B4251 before the Blackwood bypass opened.
B4252 A469 in Pengam A472 south of Hengoed via Fleur-de-lys
B4253 (defunct) A4048 in Blackwood A4049 in Pengam Cefn Road, Twynyffald Road and Fair View; became part of B4254 and is now unclassified.
A4055 A4160 Exact line is contradicted by map makers but may have followed Barry Road
B4254 A4054 in Edwardsville A4048, east of Blackwood connects the Taf and Sirhowy valleys. Via Gelligaer
B4255 High Street, Bedlinog A472 south of Nelson. The two arms south of Nelson were historically the A472. Via Trelewis
B4256 A4048 in Tredegar B4257 in Rhymney a spur of the B4257 in Rhymney allows to access the southbound B4257
B4257 A469 in Pontlottyn A465/A469 near Lechrydd The Rhymney bypass partly occupies the former northern section of the road. Mostly follows the former route of the A469. Passes through Rhymney town centre.
B4258 (defunct) The number was used for the gap in the A4055 between Grangetown and Llandough, which was a toll road, until 1935. The A4055 was then extended along the majority of the B4258 leaving just a short section between Canton and Llandaff which was later declassified. The A4055 later became the B4267. An earlier B4258 ran via Albany Road and is now part of the A469.
B4259 (defunct) Ran from Butetown (A470) to A48 across the river from Cardiff Castle. Now the A4119, it ran via Grangetown.
B4260 A40 near Bridstow A40 near Hildersley, Ross-on-Wye Former route of A40 in Ross-on-Wye
B4261 A469 at Cardiff A4161 at Cardiff Road Name: City Road
B4262 A4119 south of Radyr A470 near Tongwynlais Follows part of the course of the River Taff.
B4263 High Street in Senghenydd A469 at Caerphilly Common Passes Caerphilly Castle.
B4264 A4222 in Pontyclun A4119 east of Miskin via Miskin. A previous B4264 now forms part of the B4263 in Caerphilly.
B4265 A4226 near Cardiff International Airport A473 at Bridgend via Llantwit Major. Originally started in Llantwit Major and ran to Cardiff International Airport and Barry.
B4266 A4226 at Weycock Cross A4050 at Barry Road name: Pontypridd Road.
B4267 A4119 at Canton A4055 and A4231 at Ty Verlon Industrial Estate via Llandough
B4268 B4270 at Llandow A48 at Pentre Meyrick
B4269 A4042 at Llanellen B4246 at Llanfoist 7.5 tonne weight limit throughout most of route.
B4270 B4265 North of Llantwit Major A4222 at Cowbridge passes former RAF Llandow
B4271 A4118 near Upper Killay B4295 at Llanrhidian via Pengwern Common
B4272 (defunct) Now part of the B4595. Connected A473 and A4058 near Treforest.
B4273 north of Ynsybwl A4223 in Pontypridd Originally started in centre of Ynsybwl
B4274 (defunct) Ran from junction with B4273 in Pontypridd to A470 in Pont Sion Norton. Bridge over River Taff now A4223, most of the remaining part replaced by A470 dual carriageway.
B4275 A4054 at Abercynon A4059 at Penywaun Originally the A4059 route. Via Mountain Ash.
B4276 B4275 (former A4059) at Trecynon A465 north of Llydcoed
B4277 (defunct) Ran from Aberdare via Porth and Tonyrefail in the Cynon Valley. Most of route upgraded to A4233 in the 1980s
B4278 A4093 near Gilfach Goch A4058 near Dinas This road originally ran through Dinas and Tonypandy but was upgraded to the A4058 route.
B4278 A4058 near Porth A4233 near Stanleytown
A4058 near Llwynypia
This road was originally the A4233 and A4058 but following the completion of the Porth Relief road these roads were downgraded.
B4279 (defunct) There have been two roads with this number: a short lived B4279 ran between Bridgend and Swansea which was upgraded to the A4093 in 1924 and a B4279 in Wiltshire. This now unclassified route connected the A420 (now the B4069) at Langley Burrell to the A420 east of Sutton Benger.
B4280 A473 near Pencoed A4061 at Bryncethin via Hirwaun Common
B4281 A48 at Pyle, near Bridgend A4063 near Aberkenfig via Cefn Cribwr
B4282 A4017 at Cwmafan A4063 at Cwmfelin via Maesteg. A previous B4282 forms part of the current A4106 in Porthcawl.
B4283 A48 near Groes, Port Talbot A4229 at South Cornelly via Kenfig Burrows. Part of former route now the A4229
B4284 Five Ways, Birmingham B4124 in Edgbaston, Birmingham one way in an eastern direction only. Called Harborne Road. A previous B4284 was a dead end route starting at Cymer in South Wales but was upgraded to the A4107 and extended to Rhondda in 1925.
B4285 A4054 at Troed-y-rhiw A4054 near Merthyr Tydfil Passes close to site of Aberfan tragedy when 116 mostly children lost their lives. Old route passed through Aberfan village centre.
B4286 A4241 at Port Talbot B4287 at Pontrhydyfen Originally started at Port Talbot docks.
B4287 B4434 at Neath A4107 at Pontrhydyfen via Efail-fach
B4288 (defunct) Connected A48 at St. Mellons to A468 at Bassaleg.
B4289 A3102 & A4289 in Swindon A4361 in Swindon Part of Swindon ring road. An earlier B4289 existed in Neath, was later upgraded as part of the A48 one-way system and is now partly numbered B4434.
B4290 B4489 at Swansea railway station A4067 at Victoria Park Originally one continuous route, the two sections of B4290 are separated by four miles of the A4067 road.
B4290 A483 near Jersey Marine A4230 at Neath Abbey
B4291 A48/A4230 near Peniel Green B4603 at Clydach via Glais and Birchgrove
B4292 (defunct) Ran from St Thomas in Swansea to Llansamlet. Later upgraded to A4217, it was partly downgraded again during the 1970s but numbered B5444 despite being still in use for a road in Flint.
B4293 A466 in Monmouth A466 in Chepstow via Trellech and Chepstow Park Wood
B4294 A4055 in Barry A4055 in Barry The former route of the A4055 through Barry town centre
B4295 A4216 at Cockett B4271 at Llanrhidian north Gower road
B4296 A4118 at Killay A48 at Pontarddulais via Gowerton and Dunvant
B4297 A484 near Bynea A40, south of Court Henry via Dryslwyn, Gorslas, and Penygroes
B4298 A40 west of Carmarthen B4299 at Meidrim
B4299 A4066 at St Clears B4333 south of Newcastle Emlyn by way of Trelech

B4300 to B4399

Road From To Notes
B4300 A40 near Carmarthen A476 West of Ffairfach via Capel Dewi and Llanarthne
B4301 A484 at Bronwydd A485 at Pontarsais passes Gwili Steam Railway. Route of the A485 until 1935.
B4302 A483 near Llandeilo A462 near Crugybar Passes ruins of abbey in Talley
B4303 A476 near Felinfoel B4297 near Penceiliogi passes Prince Philip Hospital
B4304 A484/A4138 at Parc Trostre A484 in Sandy, west Llanelli
B4304 A484 in central Llanelli B4304 at Morfa Some maps omit this route.
B4304 Llanelli town centre B4304 at Machynys This branch is part of the original alignment of the B4304 which started on the then A48 and ran via Park Street (now pedestrianised) and Stepney Street
B4305 Defunct Short link road between B4304 Station Road and A48 (later A484) Swansea Road. Partly replaced by the A4214.
B4306 A4138 in Hendy B4309 near Bancycapel via Llanon, Bryndu and Pontyberem
B4307 Defunct Ran down Vaughan Street (now pedestrianised) in Llanelli
B4308 B4309 at Llanelli A484 near Kidwelly via Trimsaran. Former route of A484 in Kidwellyalso part of B4308 (not signed).
B4309 A4124 in central Llanelli A484 near Cwmffrwd via Pontantwn. Previously terminated on A484 in Llanelli but extended to Church Street in Llanelli.
B4310 A476 in Tumble B4437 at Llansawel via Drefach, Porthyrryd, Nantgaredig. The spur in Porthyrryd was part of the A48. Passes National Botanical Gardens.
B4311 A484 at Pembrey A484 by New Lodge via Burry Port. Originally ran via Church Road in Burry Port but this is now unclassified.
B4312 Llansteffan High Street A4242 north of Carmarthen The two arms of the B4312 north of Carmarthen are the original route of the A40 before the bypass opened. The right hand arm passes an obelisk in memory of Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton who died at Waterloo.
B4313 A487 in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire Narberth, Pembrokeshire Starts at Main St, Fishguard (A487), winds generally S or SE finishing in Narberth (junction with B4314), via Gwaun Valley, Llanychaer, crosses B4329 at Greenway, Rosebush, Maenclochog, crosses A40; approximately 21 miles.
B4314 A4066 in Pendine A40 at Robeston Wathen via Red Roses and Princes Gate. A spur leads into Narberth Town centre ending on the A478.
B4315 A478 at Templeton B4314 at Princes Gate Originally started on A4075 at Cross Hands and ended at Templeton. This entire stretch is now the A4115.
B4316 A478 at Pentlepoir A478 near Tenby Serves Saundersfoot. The route through New Hedges was originally part of the A478.
B4317 A484 north of Pembrey B4310 at Cwm mawr via Carway and Pontyberem.
B4318 A477 on Sageston bypass A478 in Tenby Originally started in centre of Sageston village. Due to St John's Hill in Tenby being one-way, traffic heading the other way has to use Greenhill Road.
B4319 B4320 on Castlemartin Peninsula A4319 in Pembroke via Castlemartin, St Petrox and Kingsfold. When route past live firing range closed (near Castlemartin), diversion runs via Merrion.
B4320 Angle, Pembrokeshire A4139, at Pembroke Castle via Hundleton and Monkton, south Pembroke
B4321 Llangrannog, car park A487 at Pentregat Single track road for most of its length, barely a car width in places.
B4322 A4139, West Llanon, Pembroke A4139, north of Pembroke road names: Water Street, Bush Road, Pembroke Street, High Street, Bellevue Terrace in Pembroke Dock.
B4323 Defunct Short road in Pembroke Dock starting on Fort Road and continuing to then A477 (now A4189) via Laws Street and Bush Street. Bush Street now B4322, rest declassified.
B4324 Defunct Ran from A4076 in Johnson to Neyland where a ferry crossed the river to reach the A477. The B4324 subsequently was upgraded to form part of the A477. When the road bridge opened carrying the A477, the ferry ceased and the southernmost part became an extension of the B4325.
B4325 A4076 north of Milford Haven A477 N of Neyland via Waterston and Scoveston Fort. The section through Neyland from the Quay to the current A477 was originally the B4324 and was later upgraded to the A477 (which used a ferry to cross the river). When the road bridge opened, the former B4324 became part of the B4325.
B4326 A4076 A4076 Charles Street in Milford Haven. One way for most of its length.
B4327 A487 in Haverfordwest Dale, west of Milford Haven
B4328 A40, bypass north of Whitland B4314 at Tavernspite via Whitland.
B4329 A487 W of Eglwyswrw A40 at Haverfordwest Crosses Preseli Mountains N to S, reaching 404 metres (1,325 ft); scenic views across south and west Wales
B4330 A487 in Haverfordwest A487 at Croes-goch Joins W-bound A487 to NE-bound A487
B4331 A40 at Letterston A487 at Mathry part of the B4330 until 1935
B4332 A487 at Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire A484 at Cenarth, Carmarthenshire Via Newchapel (Manordeifi) and Boncath; crosses A478 near Blaenffos
B4333 A487 at Aberporth Airport A484 at Cynwyl Elfed Via Aberporth, Beulah, Cwm-cou (Carmarthenshire) and Newcastle Emlyn
B4334 B4321 in Llangrannog A484 near Henllan via Brynhoffnant and Pengallt
B4335 A484 at Pen-ffynon A486 at Pentre-cwrt follows course of River Teifi
B4336 A486 on Llandysul bypass A485 in Llanllwni previously met A486 near the old Teifi bridge. This became part of the B4624 with the B4336 running along a new road. Via Penlan.
B4337 A487 at Llanrhystud, Ceredigion B4302 near Llansawel, Carmarthenshire via Trelifan and Llansawel
B4338 B4337 at Llanbyder A486 at the Synod Inn Originally continued to New Quay where it met the B4339 head on and started at Synod Inn.
B4339 Defunct Ran from the then B4338 in New Quay to the B4340 (now A482) in Ystrad Aeron. Now part of the B4342.
B4340 A4120 in Aberystwyth B4343 at Pontrhyfdfendigaid via New Cross and Abermagwr. A previous B4340 now forms part of the A482 between Aberaeron and Lampeter.
B4341 road junction at Galleon Inn in Broad Haven B4327 in Albert Town via Broadway
B4342 A486 in New Quay A485 at Trefercel via Ystrad Aeron and Stags Head
B4343 A44 below Bryn Glas A482 at Cwmann Multiplexes with A4120 between Tyn-y-fford and Devil's Bridge.
B4344 A483 at Llandovery A40 at Llandovery Stone Street, Llandovery
B4345 Defunct Mill Street in Aberystwyth
B4346 A487, Trefachan Bridge in Aberystwyth A487, North Parade in Aberystwyth runs along sea front in Aberystwyth
B4347 Vowchurch in Herefordshire B4233 in Rockfield via Abbey Dore, Pontrilas, Kentchurch, Newcastle. Prior to 1922 only ran from Vowchurch to A465 at Pontrilas.
B4348 B4350 at Hay-on-Wye, Brecknockshire A49 near Llandinabo, Herefordshire via Dorstone, Peterchurch, Thruxton and Turkey Tump.
B4349 B4348 at Webton A465 near Belmont Abbey
B4350 A470 north of Llyswen A438 west of Whitney-on-Wye via Hay-on-Wye. The road through Hay-on-Wye was the A438 until the 1960s when it swapped route with the B4350 which used the current A438 route. This meant that traffic on the A438 avoided the Whitney Bridge which is a toll bridge with a weight limit.
B4351 A438 at Clyro B4350 in Hay-on-Wye
B4352 B4348, north-east of Hay-on-Wye B4349 at Clehonger via Pen-y-Park, Bredwardinen, Blakemere.
B4353 A487 at Rhydypeannau A487 east of Llancynfellin via Borth
B4354 A497 west of Llanystumdwy A497 near Pwllheli This almost dead straight road (along with the nearby current B4112) was built in 1800 during competition for carrying the mailcoaches between London and Dublin. In parts a very narrow road.
B4355 A483 at Dolfor A44 Kington bypass via Knucklas, Knighton, Presteigne. Follows English/Welsh border for 15 miles before entering Wales.
B4356 B4362 at Presteigne, Powys A483 at Llanbister, Powys The section of B4356 through Presteigne town centre is not signed and traffic is expected to use the parallel B4355 bypass instead.
B4357 A44 near Kington, Herefordshire B4355 near Knighton, Powys via Beggar's Bush
B4358 A483 at Beulah, Powys A4081 near Llandrindod Wells, Powys until 1995 ran through Beulah village and weight-restricted bridge.
B4359 A49, Edgar Street in Hereford A438, New Market Street in Hereford via Widemarsh Street. Former route of A49. A road of the same number now forms parts of the A4113, B4362 and B4355 in Radnorshire.
B4360 B4529 (former A44), west of Leominster, Herefordshire A4110 in Kingland, Herefordshire via Cobnash
B4361 A49 at Ludlow, Shropshire A49 at Leominster, Herefordshire
B4362 A49/A456 at Brimfield, Herefordshire A44 near Kington, Herefordshire
B4363 A454 at Bridgnorth, Shropshire A4117 at Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
B4364 Bridgnorth, Shropshire A4117 near Ludlow, Shropshire
B4365 A49 at Ludlow, Shropshire B4368 at Corfton, Shropshire Crosses over the tracks of Ludlow Racecourse – traffic is stopped when course is in use
B4366 A4086 at Caernarfon A4244 / B4547
B4367 B4368 near Craven Arms, Shropshire A4113 at Bucknell, Shropshire
B4368 A458 near Bridgnorth, Shropshire A483 at Abermule, Powys Crosses A49 (at Craven Arms), A488 and A489
B4369 B4367 at Broome, Shropshire B4368 at Aston on Clun, Shropshire 0.5 miles long
B4370 A49 at Marshbrook, Shropshire A489 at Horderley, Shropshire The northern section from Little Stretton to All Stretton was renumbered to B5477 in 2004
B4371 A458 at Much Wenlock, Shropshire B5477 in Church Stretton town centre, Shropshire Intersects with the A49 at Church Stretton
B4372 A44 at New Radnor, Powys B4357
B4373 B5060 at Donnington, Telford, Shropshire Bridgnorth, Shropshire Goes through Ironbridge Gorge
B4375 B4373 at Broseley, Shropshire B4376 near Much Wenlock, Shropshire
B4376 B4373 at Broseley, Shropshire A458 at Much Wenlock, Shropshire
B4378 A458 at Much Wenlock, Shropshire B4368 at Shipton, Shropshire
B4379 A442 and B4176 at Sutton Maddock, Shropshire A41 at Woodcote Hill, Shropshire
B4380 A4169 near Ironbridge, Shropshire A5 at Montford Bridge, Shropshire Passes through the south and west of Shrewsbury
B4381 A490/A458 at Welshpool, Powys B4388 near Welshpool
B4382 B4389 near Llanfair Caereinion, Powys B4393 near Lake Vyrnwy, Powys Crosses A495
B4383 A488 near Bishop's Castle, Shropshire A489 near Bishop's Castle, Shropshire 1 mile long
B4384 A488 at Bishop's Castle, Shropshire B4385 at Bishop's Castle, Shropshire Schoolhouse Lane; less than 0.5 miles long
B4385 A4113 at Leintwardine, Shropshire A458 near Llanfair Caereinion Passes through Montgomery, Powys; crosses A488, A489 and A483
B4386 A458/A488 at Shrewsbury A483 at Abermule, Powys 26 miles long; crosses A5 and A490
B4387 A488 at Minsterley, Shropshire A458 at Halfway House, Shropshire
B4388 Montgomery, Powys A458 near Welshpool, Powys Crosses A490
B4389 A495 near Llanfair Caereinion, Powys A483 near Newtown, Powys Crosses A458
B4390 A483 at Berriew, Powys B4389
B4391 A490 near Llanfyllin, Powys A494 at Bala, Gwynedd Part of former route lies under the nearby reservoir.
B4392 A483 at Arddleen, Powys A458 at Cyfronydd, Powys Crosses A490
B4393 A458 at Ford, Shropshire Lake Vyrnwy Crosses A483 and A495; encircles Lake Vyrnwy
B4394 A442 at Wellington, Shropshire B4380 at Wroxeter Crosses A5
B4395 A458 at Llangadfan, Powys B4393 near Lake Vyrnwy
B4396 A5 at Nesscliffe, Shropshire B4393 near Lake Vyrnwy Crosses A483 and A495
B4397 B4396 at Knockin, Shropshire B5063 near Wem, Shropshire
B4398 B4396 at Knockin, Shropshire B4393 Llansantffraid, Powys

B4400 to B4499

Road From To Notes
B4400 (defunct) A483 Cross Street and A4083 Leg Street, Oswestry A483 Beatrice Street, Oswestry Oswald Road; now part of the B5069 one-way system.
B4401 A5 at Corwen, Denbighshire A494 near Bala, Gwynedd
B4402 A494 B4391
B4403 A494 at Llanuwchllyn, Gwynedd B4391 near Bala, Gwynedd Runs along the eastern side of Bala Lake
B4404 A489 at Cemmaes Road, Powys A487 near Machynlleth, Powys
B4405 A487 at Minffordd, Gwynedd A493 near Tywyn, Gwynedd
B4406 B4407 south west of Llyn Conwy, Gwynedd A5 south east of Betws-y-Coed, Gwynedd by way of Penmachno
B4407 B4391 near Ffestiniog, Gwynedd A5 near Pentrefoelas, Gwynedd by way of Ysbyty Ifan

Originally ran from Llan Ffestiniog to Conwy via Betws-y-Coed. By 1932, the southernmost section had become a portion of a rerouted B4408 to Congl-y-Wal and the A496 from there to Blaenau Ffestiniog. By 1939, the B4408 was decommissioned, with the A496 extended over it further to Betws-y-Coed and the section from there to Conwy renumbered to the B5106. Sections became the A4108 and A5110 by 1956, but the ex-B4408 is now the A470 from Llan Ffestiniog to Betws-y-Coed and B5106 north of there; the section just south of the A5 is now unclassified.

B4408 (defunct) First used from the B4391 at Pont Tal-y-bont via Tanygrisiau to the B4407 at Rhiwbryfdir. By the end of the 1920s, the southern half was a northern extension of the A496 and the northern section declassified (this section became the B4414 in 1935 when it returned to Class II status). The B4408 was then rerouted south of Blaenau Ffestiniog along the-then B4407 to the A487 near Gellilydan. This B4408 was renumbered to A4108 (now A470) before 1956.
B4410 A498 north of Prenteg A487 near Maentwrog Sarn Helen – crosses A4085 at Garreg
B4411 A487 at Glan-Dwyfach, Gwynedd A497 at Criccieth, Gwynedd
B4413 A499 at Llanbedrog, Gwynedd Aberdaron, Gwynedd
B4414 (defunct) B4413 in Llanbedrog Abersoch Renumbered as a western extension of the A499 in 1935.
A496 in Rhiwbryfdir A496 in Pengwarn Initially a portion of the B4408 but quickly declassified. Received the B4414 number when the route returned to Class II status in 1935. Much of route now part of the A496, except the northmost third which was bypassed and is now unclassified.
B4416 A470 near Dolgellau, Gwynedd A494 near Dolgellau, Gwynedd
B4418 A487 near Pen-y-Groes and Llanllyfni, Gwynedd A4085 at Rhyd-Ddu, Gwynedd by way of Nantlle
B4420 (defunct) B5108 (later A5025) in Four Crosses, Menai Bridge B4422 in Bethel Originally ended at the B4421 in Newborough, but was quickly extended to Bethel. Much of route became the new A4080 in 1935; the portion into Bethel became the B4422 because the A4080 did not go into Bethel and the northern section became the B5420 (now A5025) because the A4080 did not cross the A5 (the old number would have been out-of-zone north of the A5).
B4422 Bodorgran (Anglesey) with road A4080 B5109 Llangefni Anglesey
B4425 A40 near Burford A429 east of Cirencester Formerly part of the A433
B4427 B4058 at Hambrook, South Gloucestershire A38 at Rudgeway Old Gloucester Road
B4428 B4082 at Binley, Coventry A5 at Cross in Hand Previously numbered B4111, A4114, A427, B4027. Numbered B4428 in 2000s.
B4429 A428 at Rugby M45/A45 at Thurlaston
B4434 A474 in Neath A465 at Resolven
B4436 A4118 near Langrove A4067 at Blackpill
B4437 A44 near Wootton, Oxfordshire A361 north of Burford via Charlbury
B4438 A452 in Bickenhill, West Midlands B4102 at Catherine-de-Barnes, West Midlands Passes through Birmingham Airport
B4439 A3400 in Hockley Heath, Warwickshire A4177 near Hatton Until full opening of M40, connected A34 to A41.
B4442 A404 at Little Chalfont A413 at Chalfont St Giles
B4445 A418 at Thame B4009 at Chinnor
B4448 unused
B4449 B4044 at Eynsham, Oxfordshire A4095 at Bampton
B4450 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire A436 east of Stow-on-the-Wold via Bledington
B4451 B4100 at Gaydon, Warwickshire A425 at Southam, Warwickshire
B4453 A445 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire A45 at Dunstore Heath near Rugby, Warwickshire
B4455 A429 near Halford, Warwickshire A5 at High Cross, Leicestershire Part of the Fosse Way (Roman road)
B4461 M48 at Aust B4061 at Alveston
B4464 A454, near Willenhall, West Midlands A454/M6 junction, Bentley, West Midlands Former route of A454 through Willenhall Town Centre. Extended through Bentley to M6 junction 10 when A454 rerouted along Black Country Route.
B4465 A420 at Easton, Bristol A46 near Tormarton Passes through Chester Park, Staple Hill and Pucklechurch, ending near Junction 18 of the M4. Prior to c1962, continued east from Pucklechurch, through Hinton, to A46 at Burton.
B4466 A4 (Hotwells Road), Bristol A4018 at Clifton, Bristol Jacob's Wells Road
B4467 B3129 in Clifton, Bristol A4176 at Clifton Down Pembroke Road
B4468 A4018 at Durdham Down, Bristol A38 at Horfield, Bristol Coldharbour Road and Kellaway Avenue
B4469 A38 at Horfield, Bristol A420 at St George, Bristol Muller Road and Rose Green Road
B4473 A458 west of Shrewsbury B4380 at Montford Bridge, Shropshire 1 mile long; crosses A5
B4481 (defunct) A423 in Willenhall A46 near Walsgrave Section north of Binley is now part of the B4082 while the remainder is unclassified.
B4483 B4163 in Coseley, West Midlands A457 in Woodsetton, West Midlands Not signposted off A457.
B4484 A460 in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton Bilston Town Centre Rerouted in Willenhall when town centre pedestrianised. Extended into Bilston along former A463 route when Black Country Route opened.
B4485 A44 at Worcester A4440 at Worcester
B4489 A483 at Swansea A48 and the M4 at Junction 46
B4491 North Circular Road at Gunnersbury B452 at Northfields, near Northfields Underground station Passes Gunnersbury Park. Road Names: Popes Lane, Little Ealing Lane.
B4492 A4000 at Gypsy Corner, North Acton just north of the A40, Western Avenue A4000 at Harlesden, just south of the A404 "Alternative" route through Park Royal via North Middlesex Hospital. Road Names: Park Royal Road, Acton Lane.
B4493 A34 at Chilton, Oxfordshire A4130 at Didcot, Oxfordshire Road originally ran through Harwell, Oxfordshire and terminated on the A417 but was extended to Chilton in 2016 to meet a new junction with the A34 and A4185.
B4494 A4 at Newbury Wantage
B4495 A4144 Abingdon Road, Oxford A4165 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford Passes through the east of Oxford, over Donnington Bridge, through Cowley and Headington, then Marston Ferry Road
B4499 A488 at Minsterley, Shropshire B4386 at Brockton, Shropshire

B4500 to B4599

Road From To Notes
B4500 B5070 at Chirk, Wrexham B4580 at Llanrhaeadr, Powys
B4501 A543 at Denbigh, Denbighshire A4214 at Fron-Goch, Gwynedd passes Llyn Brenig, Alwen Reservoir and crosses A5 at Cerrigydrudion
B4502 unused
B4505 A4251 at Hemel Hempstead A416 at Newtown, Chesham
B4507 Wantage B4000 at Ashbury Formerly continued east via Bishopstone and Wanborough to meet the A419 east of Swindon; this section is now unclassified.
B4509 B4060 at Wickwar A38 at Falfield
B4511 A4049 at Aberbargoed A4048 at Bedwellty
B4512 A4058 at Ystrad A4233 near Tylorstown
B4514 B4217 in Acock's Green, Birmingham A41 in Olton, Birmingham
B4516 B4145 in Saltley, Birmingham B4114 in Washwood Heath, Birmingham
B4517 A4037 in Tipton, West Midlands A461 in Great Bridge, West Midlands Road diverted through new tunnel under railway in Tipton replacing level crossing on West Coast Main Line.
B4518 A470 at Rhayader, Powys Llanbrynmair
B4519 A483 at Garth, Powys B4520 north of Upper Chapel, Powys runs beside MoD's artillery range on Mynydd Epynt
B4520 A483 at Builth Wells, Powys B4601 at Brecon, Powys
B4521 A49 five miles west of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire A40 at Abergavenny, Monmouthshire Road is approximately 20 miles long, heading in a south westerly direction from Herefordshire into South Wales. Near its western end it forms a part of the border of the Brecon Beacons National Park.
B4522 A4061 at Treherbert, Rhondda Cynon Taf Blaencwm, Rhondda Cynon Taf Road lasts approximately 34 of a mile. Although on OS maps it is not displayed as the B4522, it is signposted as the B4522 on the A4061 in the local vicinity. Maps show it as Dunraven/Gwendoline Street, Treherbert.
B4524 A48 near Corntown, Vale of Glamorgan B4265 at Ewenny, Vale of Glamorgan
B4525 A422 at Middleton Cheney, Banbury A43 near Syresham, Brackley Road begins 1 mile east of the M40 J11 and is classified as a country route which connects to the A43, whilst bypassing Brackley. This road has been greatly truncated at its eastern end. Formerly, it ran to Northampton by way of Thorpe Mandeville, Moreton Pinkney, Adstone, Litchborough and Bugbrooke this route has been declassified.
B4526 Goring, Oxfordshire A4074 near Woodcote, Oxfordshire
B4528 A420 in Chippenham B4158 Malmesbury Road in Chippenham Road is 12 a mile long.
B4529 A4110 near Leominster, Herefordshire B4360 near Leominster
B4530 A4113 at Walford, Herefordshire A4110 at Adforton, Herefordshire
B4531 A4040 in Erdington, Birmingham A5127 in Erdington
B4532 A456 in Edgbaston, Birmingham B4217 in Edgbaston
B4534 A3102 in Freshbrook, Swindon A4311 in Blunsdon Begins near M4 J16 and banks in a north-westerly direction. A change in the road system in Blunsdon meant closure of part of the original route at Lady Lane, which is no longer accessible to motor vehicles. The B4534 regains its status at the northern end of Lady Lane where it continues to its terminus at the A4311.
B4536 B4084 in Pershore A4104 on the outskirts of Pershore
B4537 A461 in Wollaston, West Midlands A458 near Wollaston
B4540 B4506 near Edlesborough A5 near Dunstable
B4541 B489 in Dunstable B4540 near Whipsnade
B4542 A4125 in Eastbury A4125 near Oxhey and A4008 in South Oxhey
B4544 A429 in Coventry A4600 in Coventry
B4545 A5 at Valley A5154 at Holyhead
B4546 A487/A478 road roundabout near Cardigan Poppit Sands goes through St Dogmaels
B4547 A4086 at Cwm-y-glo A4244 / B4366
B4548 A487 near Cardigan Gwbert
B4549 A456 Bewdley Hill at Kidderminster, Worcestershire A451 Stourport Road at Kidderminster Sutton Park Road; 1 mile long
B4550 Near A38 in Worcester Near A4536 in Worcester Road links Worcester City Centre to the north of Worcester.
B4551 A456/A459 in Halesowen, West Midlands A491 near Lydiate Ash, Worcestershire
B4553 B4040 in Cricklade A3102 in Toothill
B4555 Bridgnorth, Shropshire B4363 near Highley, Shropshire
B4557 A406, Neasden B4565 at Wembley Stadium Link road between Wembley Stadium and industrial estates with IKEA store and Tesco in Brent Park
B4558 (England) A459 in Upper Gornal, Dudley B4176 in Dudley Town Centre Roads named Burton Road, Highland Road and Salop Street
B4558 (Wales) A40 east of Brecon A4077 southwest of Crickhowell Parallels A40 in the Usk valley; passes through Pencelli, Talybont-on-Usk, Cwm Crawnon and Llangynidr
B4560 A40 near Bwlch A4047 at Beaufort, Blaenau Gwent
B4563 A459, High Holburn, Sedgley A463, Gospel End Street, Sedgley. Vicar Street, Sedgley. Passes All Saints Parish Church. Not signed.
B4564 A4093 at Hendreforgan B4564 at Gilfach Goch
B4565 A4089 at Wembley Park A404 at Wembley Clock Tower Along Empire Way past Wembley Stadium complex
B4568 A470 near Caersws, Powys B4389 near Newtown, Powys
B4569 B4518 at Llanidloes, Powys B4568 at Caersws, Powys
B4570 A484 near Cardigan B4333 at Cwm-cou
B4573 A496 at Harlech, Gwynedd A496
B4574 A4120 at Devil's Bridge, Aberystwyth B4518 near Rhayader, Powys Described by the AA as one of the ten most scenic drives in the world.[2]
B4576 A485 at Abermad, Ceredigion B4342 at Nantcwnlle, Ceredigion
B4579 A5/A483 at Oswestry, Shropshire B4500 at Glyn Ceiriog, Wrexham
B4580 A5/A495 at Oswestry, Shropshire B4391 near Llanfyllin, Powys
B4582 A487 at Llantood, north Pembrokeshire A487 near Newport, Pembrokeshire Via Glanrhyd and Nevern
B4587 B4176 in Dudley Town Centre B4177 in Dudley
B4590 B4484 near Willenhall, West Midlands A462 near Willenhall Previously part of A454 when first section of The Keyway opened. Originally part of the A463. Not signed as B4590.
B4591 B4237 at Newport A467 at Abercarn The former A467 route into central Newport.
B4592 unused
B4593 A4067 at Mumbles Caswell Bay
B4594 A44 near Walton, Powys B4567 near Erwood
B4595 A4058 near Pontypridd A4119 at Talbot Green Road originally started at Llantwit Fardre but following the completion of the Church Village bypass, most of the former A473 route became part of the B4595. The A4058 near Glyntaff also became part of the B4595. This road also has three road links, one near the A470 in Glyntaff where the A4058 originally started, the other in Tonteg near Powerstation hill and another near Beddau where the A473 originally ran.
B4596 B4591 at Newport B4236 at Caerleon Bridge The former A449 route into central Newport.
B4597 unused
B4599 A4067 in Ystalyfera A4067 near Penrhos

B4600 to B4801

Road From To Notes
B4600 Penrhos roundabout (A468/A469) Crossways roundabout (A468) Former routing of the A468 through Caerphilly.
B4601 A470/A40 roundabout east of Brecon, Powys A470/A40 roundabout southwest of Llanfaes near Brecon, Powys former route of A40 prior to construction of Brecon Bypass
B4602 A470 junction northeast of Brecon, Powys B4601 Heol Gouesnou, Brecon, former route of A470 prior to construction of Brecon Bypass
B4603 A483/A4118 junction at Greenhill, Swansea A4067 near Cilmaengwyn
B4604 - B4619 unused
B4620 A483 at Fforestfach A4240 at Loughor
B4621 unused
B4624 A44 at Evesham A4184 at Evesham Worcester Road.
B4626 - B4629 unused
B4630 Noke roundabout (A405), Chiswell Green A5183 in St. Albans Former portion of the A412.
B4631 unused
B4632 Stratford-upon-Avon Cheltenham Old A46. Passes through Winchcombe, Prestbury, near Stanton, Broadway, Aston-sub-Edge, Wootton-sub-Edge, Mickleton, Clifford Chambers
B4635 A4251, Tring A41, Drayton Beauchamp Old A4251. Passes through the town of Tring meeting the B488 on the first and last junction with the B4009. Covers the old A4251/A41 route.
B4640 Newbury Tot Hill Old A34 road. Until it was replaced by the Newbury Bypass it was originally the only part of the road between Oxford and Winchester that was not a dual carriageway.
B4642 A4071 south west of Rugby, Warwickshire A426 in central Rugby Old route of the A4071 before the building of the Rugby Western Relief Road.
B4644 - B4649 unused
B4650 (reserved) Reserved in 2006 for a downgrade of the A417 between Cirencester and Faringdon. The road has not yet been numbered and there are currently no plans to do so.
B4651 - B4665 unused
B4669 B590 at Hinckley B4114 at Sapcote Formerly B4069.
B4670 - B4695 unused
B4696 A419 north of Latton B4042 west of Royal Wootton Bassett Runs west through gravel workings and the Cotswold Water Park as Spine Road (begun 1971),[3] then turns south on older road through Ashton Keynes towards Wootton Bassett.
B4697 - B4729 unused
B4730 (defunct) Typo for the B4130.
B4731 - B4739 unused
B4800 Section of former A483 in Newtown, designated in 2019 after the town's bypass opened.
B4801 Section of former A489 in Newtown, designated in 2019 after the town's bypass opened.


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