Badgingarra Wind Farm
LocationHill River, WA
Coordinates30°24′36″S 115°19′12″E / 30.41000°S 115.32000°E / -30.41000; 115.32000Coordinates: 30°24′36″S 115°19′12″E / 30.41000°S 115.32000°E / -30.41000; 115.32000
Construction beganNovember 2017
Commission date2 May 2019
Construction costA$315m
Owner(s)APA Group
Wind farm
Power generation
Units operational37 × 3.6 MW
Make and modelSiemens SWT-3.6-130
Nameplate capacity133.2 MW
Capacity factor44.10% (average 2019, 2020)
Annual net output514.5 GWh (average 2019, 2020)
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Badgingarra Wind Farm is a wind farm in the locality of Hill River northwest of the town of Badgingarra in Western Australia, about 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Perth. It is owned by APA Group and located immediately north of the older Emu Downs Wind Farm which has the same owner.[1]

Construction of Badgingarra Wind Farm began in November 2017 and it was completed in early 2019. It consists of 37 Siemens wind turbine generators, each generating 3.6 MW of electricity. The turbine hubs are 85 metres (279 ft) above the ground, and the rotor tips reach 150 metres (490 ft).[2] APA Group is also constructing the Badgingarra Solar Farm adjacent to the wind farm to provide 17.5 MW of solar photovoltaic generation.[1]

Badgingarra Wind Farm was officially opened by the Western Australian Energy Minister, Bill Johnston on 2 May 2019. It is connected to the Western Power network North Country region.[3] The output is contracted to Alinta Energy until the end of 2035.[2] The wind farm is expected to generate 500–550 GWh of energy per annum.[4]


AEMO records begin in January 2019 for the wind farm. The generation table uses AEMO Facility SCADA to obtain generation values for each month. Badgingarra's code is BADGINGARRA_WF1, so that is used as part of a SUMIF operation (shown below) on the table to get the total. Note that each month's values start 8 hours into the respective month and extend 8 hours into the next month.

=SUMIF(E2:E Last Row,"*BADGINGARRA_WF1*",F2:F Last Row)
Badgingarra Wind Farm Generation (MWh)
Year Total Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2019 524,712 26,924 36,866 39,664 42,255 47,462 40,178 33,664 44,667 38,845 50,863 65,834 57,490
2020 504,247 48,033 40,042 46,298 33,568 40,476 36,935 41,461 45,954 36,512 45,639 37,050 52,279

Note: Asterisk indicates power output was limited during the month.


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