Native nameبهمن  (Persian)
CalendarSolar Hijri calendar
Month number11
Number of days30
Gregorian equivalentJanuary–February
← Dey
Esfand →

Bahman (Persian: بهمن, Persian pronunciation: [bæhˈmæn][1]) is the eleventh and penultimate month of the Solar Hijri calendar, the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan.[1] Bahman has thirty days.[1] It begins in January and ends in February of the Gregorian calendar.[citation needed] The month is equivalent to Aquarius zodiac.

Bahman is the second month of winter, and is followed by Esfand.[1]

In modern Persian "Bahman" literally means "Snow Avalanche". But Bahman is also thought to be a derivative modern form of Vohu Manah. Vôhü Manö consists of two parts: VÔHÜ coming from the root vah, from Proto-Indo-European *ves 'to revere, stand in awe of', and MAN meaning 'passion, determination, spirit, mind power'. Vohu Manah is also a concept in Zoroastrianism meaning "pure mind/spirit" or "absolute consciousness".[2]




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