Bais Rajput in the 19th century, from The People of India
Bais Rajput in the 19th century, from The People of India

The Bais (pronounced [ˈbɛ̃ːs ˈraːdʒpuːt̪]) is a Rajput clan from India.[1][2]


Their wealth caused Donald Butter, a visiting doctor who wrote Outlines of the Topography and Statistics of the Southern Districts of Oudh, and of the Cantonment of Sultanpur-Oudh, to describe the Bais Rajput in the 1830s as the "best dressed and housed people of the southern Oudh".[3]

The Bais Rajputs were known for well-building.[3]

Famous Personalities

Rana Beni Madho: Freedom fighter, leader of First war of independence or 1857 rebellion in Oudh.
Major Dhyan Chand:[4] Great hockey player and Olympian, India's highest sports award Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna is named after him.

Tilok chand: The eponymous ancestor of the Bais of Baiswara.[5]

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