Bakreshwar River
StateJharkhand, West Bengal
Physical characteristics
 • locationKopai River

The Bakreshwar River is a tributary of the Mayurakshi River. It originates in Santhal Parganas division of Jharkhand.[1] It then flows through Birbhum district and meets the Kopai River. The combined waters flow into the Mayurakshi River in Murshidabad district.[2]

Neel Nirjan

When traveling along the Panagarh–Morgram Highway one has to turn left a little after Dubrajpur for Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station and its reservoir named Neel Nirjan (meaning blue solitude). It is gaining in popularity as a tourist spot.[3] The thermal power station is near Chinpai.


Bakreshwar canal provides irrigation.[1]


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23°47′50″N 87°46′36″E / 23.797215°N 87.77672°E / 23.797215; 87.77672