Housing Estate
Ballycraigy is located in the United Kingdom
Coordinates: 54°42′31″N 6°10′41″W / 54.70861°N 6.17806°W / 54.70861; -6.17806Coordinates: 54°42′31″N 6°10′41″W / 54.70861°N 6.17806°W / 54.70861; -6.17806
Ballycraigy Bonfire Entrance to Ballycraigy housing estate in Antrim with the famed 11th of July bonfire ready to be lit.
Ballycraigy Bonfire Entrance to Ballycraigy housing estate in Antrim with the famed 11th of July bonfire ready to be lit.

Ballycraigy (from Irish: Baile Craigeach, meaning "Craigstown") is a townland in the Civil Parish of Carnmoney in County Antrim, Northern Ireland with a population of 865 residents. It is located near the Sandyknowes Junction where the A8 motorway spur diverges from the M2 motorway. The neighbouring townlands are Kingsbog, Ballyearl and Ballyhenry to the east, Ballyrobert, Carnanee and Craigarogan to the west and Ballyvesey to the south. To the north it is bordered by the Belfast to Londonderry railway line.[1] The townlands is the site of the Ballycraigy Housing Estate in Antrim, south of Greystone and is approximately 17 miles (27 k) from the city of Belfast.[2]

Ballycraigy is well known for having its own band "Ballycraigy Sons of Ulster" with purple/lilac attire for their uniform. The Ballycraigy estate is made up of all most entirely Protestant religious groups. Every 12th of July many Protestants celebrate by lighting a bonfire in the centre of the estate on the 11th Night.[3] In 2007 there was a legal threat over the inclusion of hundreds of tyres in the bonfire with the fear that excessive toxic fumes would be emitted, however it was not possible to establish who had been involved in placing them there, and the bonfire was allowed to go ahead.[4]

On the Ballycraigy estate is a memorial garden dedicated to Billy Wright, leader of the Loyalist Volunteer Force paramilitary organisation.[5]

Ballycraigy Manor, a country house with a tower and crenellated battlements was built here in 1869, the residence of James Chaine,[6] a businessman involved in shipping and a Conservative Party politician.[7]


According to the census for Ballycraigy ward the estate has approximately 865 residents.[8]


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