Bamacharan Chattopadhyay

22 February 1837
DiedJuly 18, 1911(1911-07-18) (aged 74)
Religious career

Bamakhyapa (Bengali: বামাখ্যাপা, romanizedBamakhæpa, lit.'mad saint'; 1837–1911[1]), born Bamacharan Chattopadhyay, was a Hindu saint who is held in reverence in Tarapith and whose shrine is also located in the vicinity of the Tara temple in Birbhum. Bamakhyapa was born at Atla village in the Rampurhat subdivision of the Birbhum district.[2]

Bamakhaypa, goddess Tara's ardent devotee lived near the temple and meditated in the cremation grounds.[1] He stayed in Mouliksha temple for continuing the worship of Holy Mother.[3] It is said: Ma Tara appeared in the dream of Maharani ("Queen") of Natore- Rani Annadasundari Devi and told her to feed the saint first as he was her son. After this incident, Bamakhaypa was fed first in the temple before the deity and nobody obstructed him.[4]

Popular culture

Beginning in 2007, a teleserial named 'Sadhak Bamakhepa' about Bamakhepa ran on television in Bengal. By late 2011, it had run for 1500 episodes.[5]

In the teleserial Mahapeeth Tarapeeth, the life of the ardent devotee Bamakhepa was also depicted elaborately.[6]

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