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The LCD Solarpower series are handheld electronic games powered by solar energy made by Bandai in 1982. The games in the Double Panel series feature two LCD panels[1] stacked on top of each other. This allows these games to progress in 2 stages for more variation in game play.


It comprises the following games:

First series:

Invaders of the Mummy's Tomb (謎のピラミッド, Nazo no Pyramid), ref. 16265 and 16813 for the re-release
Escape from the Devil's Doom (天国と地獄, Tengoku to Jigoku), ref. 16264
Sub Attack (激戦Uボート, Gekisen U-Boat) / (Sub Patrol in UK), ref. 16280
Break Out (大脱走, Daidassou), ref. 16282
Shark Island (恐怖の無人島, Kyofu no Mujintou), ref. 16281
Nazo No Chinbotsusen (謎の沈没船, Nazo no Chinbotsusen), ref. 16288, released in Japan only

Second series (Double Panel):

Amazone (秘境アマゾン, Hikyo Amazon), ref. 16815
Terror House (悪霊の館, Akuryo no Yakata), ref. 16814
Frankenstein (ミスターフランケン, Mr. Franken), ref. 16817
Airport Panic (エアポートパニック, Airport Panic), ref. 16818