Barwa is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Barwa is located in India
Barwa (India)
Coordinates: 25°07′48″N 73°18′18″E / 25.129977°N 73.304901°E / 25.129977; 73.304901Coordinates: 25°07′48″N 73°18′18″E / 25.129977°N 73.304901°E / 25.129977; 73.304901
Country India
DistrictPali, Rajasthan
 • BodyGram panchayat
282 m (925 ft)
 • Total8,569
 • Main LanguageRajasthani
 • Govt LanguageHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code02938
ISO 3166 codeRJ-IN
Vehicle registrationRJ-22

Barwa is a village located in the Bali tehsil of Pali district of Rajasthan state, amidst the Aravalli Range.It is dominated by Rajpurohit (gundecha) .It is said that the rajpurohit gundecha migrated from chittaurgarh (mewar) to godawd in 15th century than Thakur Badh singh ji gundecha of Chandrayat lineage of mada established barwa .The village is divided into five poll (gates) namely korka poll,darvaja poll,gopal poll, Badi poll,Th.jethu singji'poll.Barwa is one of the most flourish village in the pali district .The village and the surrounding area was controlled by the rajpurohit (Gundecha's) till independence (for around 600 years) and It is one of the most popular village in pali district this jagir was granted by mewar kingdom to gundecha s for their bravery in military campaigns

[1] Gundecha (Rajpurohit)

In around 12th century when the land of pali and its surrounding was ruled by Brahman called paliwals. Paliwals were the name given to the people who live in this city .The state of pali was given patronage by chauhan king of ajmer and Nadol and also by rawal sa of mewar but everything change after the defeat of prithviraj chauhan the invaders are now tormenting the whole central india and in this harsh time the lords of pali the jagirdar Brahman were on pilgrim of Pushkar were the met the ancestors of today's rathores rao Shia and his chieftains one of this chieftains was the sevad Devpal rajpurohit.The Brahman meet them and invite them to there state because in this harsh time they need strong reinforcement against invaders. on an ominous day the general of mahomed gori known as iltutmish attacked on godwad the chauhan fought bravely but couldn't resist his large army after sacking godawad he started moving northward on a day of holi probably he attacked pali he tormented the city the Brahman and rajputs of rao shia fought bravely for 10 days but soon they were out of supplies on the last of war only few Brahman and rajputs warriors were left many Brahman left the city and moved to jaislmer but some warrior Brahman like gang deo ji were there to resist the invaders the warriors fought bravely but couldn't resist the heavy forces and rao Shia also died on the battlefield soon after gangdeo ji and his warriors left the city of pali on the order of there kuldevi rohini Mata for South after traveling for few days gang deo ji found gundoj as his new jagir he constructed water tank ,pond ,and kuldevi s temple there after the death of great warrior gang deo ji his descendants used gundecha as there surname in honor of him . after a few decades a great personality born in this lineage and his name was chandrayat ji .chandrayat ji was a brave warrior and a good scholar due to his warrior hood he was invited to Bali fort and offered the post of rajpurohit by the rulers of Bali probably chauhans.The chauhans of godwad were under the kingship of mewar(chittaurgarh).one day the rawal of mewar was on his visit to godwad he reveals a problem to his chieftains that there is community called Mer who reside in today's sadri and rankpur area were looting the royal chariots of mewar and they crossed there a limit when they ask rani sa for tax on her way to chittaurgarh the rani sa were very annoyed and quote a famous line which is still popular in that area among people that "Rana thare raj mh o koi viyo" soon rawal ji got angry and sent his forces to kill the mers but the army were unable to find them as they ambush in the vast forest. after knowing the situation the chieftains were discussing for a solution. after a long discussion chandrayat ji came with a solution he ask rawal ji for few month's to solve this problem. soon after this chandrayat ji and his sons left for the jungle they changed there appearance into a Saint s appearance and they started navigating the forest after a few months of rooming in the forest they became friendly to the mers .The mers also started believing that he (chandrayat ji) is a Saint not a warrior they offered him gifts and make him as there guru .one day they invited chandrayat ji and his chieftains to there hiding place .the place was today's Mada village .There chandrayat ji found that they were in numbers and also that with the first light of the sun they ambush in the forest so they can't be killed by the army and also can't be killed by poison as they drink mahua a liquor which was dangerous as poison so they were adapted to poison though chandrayat ji found a liquid which can still kill them .after months of time period chandrayat ji announced that his time here in this forest is over as his meditation is finished now I'm leaving for Pushkar before leaving I want to organize a feast for all of u .chandrayat ji organize a feast and added poison in the food after eating the food many mers died some get unconscious but Many of them were unaffected after analyzing the situation the mers found that he chandrayat ji is not a Saint but a warrior sent here to kill them soon they attacked on him chandrayat ji and his chieftains get ready for the last ride they prayed the lord Shiva before going to battlefield. The mers were in numbers but they were unorganized so by taking this advantage attacked them from front. chandrayat ji were slaughtering mers like vegetables and by seeing this scary view the mers started to retreat. chandrayat ji and his chieftains and sons chase them . chandrayat ji chase them for month's the chase came to end when they reached ajmer after that he ends the chase the mers still resides in surrounding area of ajmer.After finishing such huge mission successfully the rawal sa were so happy that he offered the post of rajpurohit to chandrayat ji not only that he also granted jagiri of 60 village s in godawad and mewar pragnana. The gundecha still resides in this area .The descendants of chandrayat ji worked for centuries for mewar they fight as cheiftains ,works as Kamdars and were on many high administrative post for years.


The population of Barwa is 2,874 according to the 2001 census, where male population is 1,396 and female population is 1,478.

There are many temples in the village like Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple,{मुख्य मन्दिर सभी मन्दिर व गांव इनके अधिन है) Shree Vishwakarma MANDIR Shree Mahadevji Temple, Shree Sariyadeviji Temple, Shree Charbhuja Mandir, Thakurji Mandir (Badipaul), Shree Rohinimataji (गाँव की कुलदेवी). Satimata, Vageshvari mataji,वागेेेेेेश्वरी माताजी मन्दिर माताजी ढाणी

hanuman temple kika doly, kala bheru, gora bheru, shitla mata mandir.

The famous pilgrim of Shree Aatmanadji Samadhi and temple is also in temple. पर्यटन उद्योग द्वारा आयोजित - बालाजी पैलेस जहा देश-विदेश के पर्यटक रुकते है