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Bateaux London
London River Services
London River Services3.jpg
A panoramic cruise boat at Embankment Pier
LocaleLondon, UK
WaterwayRiver Thames
Transit typeLeisure/dining cruises
TerminalsGreenwich Pier, Tower Millennium Pier, Bankside Pier, Embankment Pier, Westminster Pier
OwnerBateaux London
OperatorBateaux London
No. of lines1
No. of vessels2
No. of terminals5

Bateaux London is a restaurant cruise experience on the River Thames in London, England. The company specialises in scheduled restaurant cruises and private charters with on-board catering and live music entertainment. Bateaux London cruises operate on the Thames under licence from London River Services, part of Transport for London.


Dining services are carried out on Symphony and Harmony, operating daily lunch, afternoon tea and dinner cruises. All vessels are available for private hire.

The Symphony is London's largest restaurant cruise vessel. Her all-glass structure enables guests to enjoy views of London without any interruption.

Unlike more traditional boats, the wide expanse of glass, dark wooden flooring and sleek furniture bestow a bright and spacious atmosphere. She took part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant where it carried the London Philharmonic Orchestra, who performed music for the finale of the event.

Scandinavian-designed Harmony features flexible layout for dining, private dining spaces and an open deck of 250 square metres. Her dining rooms cater for parties of twelve, twenty and thirty guests. Each area has large windows.


Scheduled services depart daily from Embankment Pier and travel both east and west along the Thames before returning.

Thames Lunch Cruises Bateaux London offers guests a three course set lunch and after-lunch commentary. Each cruise will transport guests on a journey past sights such as the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, The Tower of London and the London Eye.

Thames Dinner Cruises See London by night, with food, live entertainment and after dinner dancing.

Afternoon Tea Cruise Guests get sandwiches, pastries and scones whilst enjoying live music from a solo pianist.

Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise The two-and-a-half-hour jazz cruise features a three course set menu and live entertainment performed by a jazz band.

A tourist boat operated by Bateaux London Catamaran Cruisers on the River Thames
A tourist boat operated by Bateaux London Catamaran Cruisers on the River Thames