"Batman: Creature of the Night"
Batman Creature of the Night.jpg
Cover to Batman: Creature of the Night #1
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateNovember 2017 – November 2019
Creative team
Writer(s)Kurt Busiek
Penciller(s)John Paul Leon
Inker(s)John Paul Leon
Letterer(s)Todd Klein
Colorist(s)John Paul Leon
Editor(s)Chris Conroy
Joey Cavalieri

"Batman: Creature of the Night" is a four-issue comic book story arc first published by DC Comics in 2018. It was written by Kurt Busiek, with art by John Paul Leon, who died during the book's run. Set in a world where Batman exists as a comic book, the story focuses on a young fan, Bruce Wainwright, who grows up in Boston and whose life story ends up mirroring Bruce Wayne's in several ways. These lead to a bat-like creature manifesting as Wainwright's guardian, whom the boy begins to use to try to get justice.[1][2]


Book One: I Shall Become...

Starting in the late 60s, Bruce Wainwright is a boy growing up in Boston with moderately well-off parents and a strong obsession with Batman comics. However, one Halloween night, a botched robbery leads to his parents being murdered, and Wainwright's world sent spiraling out of control.

Book Two: Boy Wonder

Now a young adult, Wainwright has become a successful businessman, while waging a war on Boston's crime with the aide of his supernatural guardian.

Book Three: Crusader

Realizing his dark protector has a harmful side, Wainwright tries to find a way to control it as he wrestles with whether or not he has changed Boston for the better at all.

Book Four: Dark Knight

Now one with the bat creature, Wainwright is a lost man, stuck in denial and looking for answers for a supposed conspiracy that is behind all that's wrong in Boston, and his own life.


In January 2018, Leon was diagnosed with the disease colorectal cancer a third time, which had again spread to his lungs. He underwent chemotherapy again in January 2019, and indicated in an interview that November that he was responding well to the treatment, and was exhibiting promising energy levels. Though he continued to work throughout this process, it hindered the timely release of Batman: Creature of the Night.[3][4]


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