Batman Forever
ManufacturerSega Pinball
Release dateJune 1995
SystemSega Version 3B
DesignPaul Lesley, Joe Kaminkow
ProgrammingKristina Donofrio, Neil Falconer, Harry Cline
ArtworkMorgan Weistling, Mark Raneses, Jeff Busch
MusicBrian L. Schmidt
SoundBrian L. Schmidt
Production run2,500 [1]

Batman Forever is a pinball machine released in June 1995 by Sega Pinball. It is based on the motion picture of the same name.


The game uses the 192x64 "supersize" dot matrix display with a Motorola 68000-based 16-bit controller. It features several electric-green wireform ramps with the "Batcave" escape ramp extending down behind the flippers and over the playfield apron, releasing balls up the playfield during multi ball. The "Batwing" cannon rotates & aims across the playfield and fires the ball with a pistol grip on front of the machine. Speech clips from the film are used. Additionally, the game had a video mode in which the Batmobile is guided over rooftops, dodging obstacles to earn bonus points. [2]


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