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Batman Total Justice
Total Justice tie-in comic #1 (1996).
Typeaction figures
CompanyKenner Products

Batman Total Justice is a line of toys produced by Kenner based on Batman and other, connected, DC Comics characters.


In 1996, Kenner started production on a new line of DC Comics character figures. This line, like Legends of Batman and Legends of the Dark Knight, featured all new sculpts of popular DC Comics characters. To appeal to buyers, Kenner produced the line under the high selling Batman title, calling the line Batman: Total Justice. This line featured Batman, Robin and The Huntress, but also included other DC Comics characters including Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash and others.

This was the first line of DC Comics character figures released by Kenner since the Super Powers Collection line of figures ended ten years earlier. Kenner stopped production after only fourteen figures were released. A fourth wave of figures was planned to include Blue Beetle, Dr. Polaris, Fractal Armor Green Lantern and Fractal Armor The Flash.[1] Also, it has been speculated that the fifth assortment - which likely got no further than the earliest of planning stages - was to include Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, a Fractal Armor Robin, and Prometheus as its villain.

Two years later, the Hasbro toy company produced the same figures included in the Total Justice line, but this time released them under the name JLA (a tie-in with the popular comic title).[2] Several of the unproduced Total Justice figures were produced under the JLA name, but no new Batman related characters were included. Each figure in the JLA line included a stand with the JLA logo and a mini comic. Starting with Series 3, the line started to include characters from the Young Justice comic book.

Storyline from the packages

On a distant planet, an evil being known as Darkseid prepares for his invasion and destruction of Earth. Batman learns of this diabolical plan and recruits the world's mightiest super heroes in an all-out assault on Darkseid's forces.

Other media

In 1996, DC Comics produced a three-issue tie-in mini-series featuring the heroes from the first wave (Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern) plus Blue Beetle, Gypsy, Darkseid, and a Parademon ("Mike", who might be the same Parademon from Villains United).

A two-book set of children's books was made based on the series.


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Total Justice

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Toyfare exclusive

DC Super-Heroes 2 packs


Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Diamond Exclusive Box Sets

12" Figures

DC Super-Heroes 2001 (WB Store exclusives)

Total Justice coloring book unmade characters

Some characters appeared in a Total Justice coloring books with fractal techgears, but they were never made as figures under the Total Justice banner are:

All of those characters received figures once the line was rebranded into JLA except Supergirl and Oracle who never received a figure at any point in this line.[3]

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