Battle of Corsica
Result Roman victory
Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Ricimer
60 ships Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Corsica was fought between the Vandals and the Western Roman Empire in Corsica in 456. Prior to the battle, the Vandals had captured Carthage and made it the capital of their kingdom. In 456, a Vandal fleet of 60 ships sailed from Carthage, threatening both Gaul and Italy. The Vandals were defeated at Agrigentum by the comes militaris per Italia (commander of the military forces in Italy), the Suebian warrior, Ricimer, who was acting for Emperor Avitus, after which they sailed for Corsica. At Corsica the Vandals were again attacked by Ricimer and defeated. After having defeated the Vandals, Ricimer returned to Italy as a hero. However, he soon defected from Avitus and defeated him at Placentia.