Battle of Foz de Arouce
Part of the Peninsular War

A monument of the 3rd French Invasion in Foz de Arouce
Date15 March 1811
Foz de Arouce, Lousã, Portugal
Result Anglo-Portuguese victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom
France French Empire
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Arthur Wellesley France Michel Ney
8,000 7,000
Casualties and losses
71 killed and wounded 250 killed, wounded and captured

The Battle of Foz de Arouce was an engagement of the Peninsular War which took place on 15 March 1811 between Anglo-Portuguese forces under Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) and French troops under the command of Marshal Michel Ney.[1] The battle was part of Andre Masséna’s retreat from Portugal in the spring of 1811.


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