Battle of Kraaipan
Part of Second Boer War

Derailed armoured CGR 3rd Class 4-4-0 1889 at Kraaipan
Date12–13 October 1899
Location26°17′49″S 25°18′23″E / 26.29694°S 25.30639°E / -26.29694; 25.30639 (Kraaipan)
Result Boer Victory
 United Kingdom  South African Republic
 Orange Free State
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Lt. RH Nesbitt South African Republic Piet Cronjé
South African Republic Koos de la Rey
unknown 800
Casualties and losses
9 wounded none

The Battle of Kraaipan was the first engagement of the Second Anglo-Boer War, fought at Kraaipan, South Africa on 12 October 1899.

On the 11 October 1899 President Paul Kruger of the South African Republic in alliance with the Orange Free State declared war on the British. That night 800 men of the Potchefstroom and Lichtenburg commandos[1] under General Koos de la Rey (one of General Piet Cronjé's field generals) attacked and captured the British garrison and railway siding at Kraaipan between Vryburg and Mafeking, some 60 kilometres (37 mi) south west of Mafeking. Thus began the Second Anglo-Boer War. Under the orders of Cronjé the Mafeking railway and telegraph lines were cut on the same day.

The armoured train, "Mosquito", carrying two 7-pounder cannons,[1] rifles, ammunition and supplies was derailed and after a five-hour fight the British surrendered the next morning. The cannons, rifles, ammunition, supplies and prisoners were taken. The Boer troops discovered British Mark IV ammunition (better known as dumdum) on the train.[2]

This incident made De la Rey famous, but exacerbated his conflicts with the cautious and unimaginative Cronjé, who sent him to block the advance of the British forces moving to relieve the Siege of Kimberley in the north-east of the Cape Colony.


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