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Battle of Pavia
Result Germanic victory
Germanic foederati
Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Odoacer Orestes Executed
40000 25080
Casualties and losses
Low High

The Battle of Pavia was fought between the Western Roman Empire under Orestes and the Germanic warrior Odoacer. Odoacer was the leader of a group of Herulian and Scirian mercenaries serving in the Roman army. Leading a mutiny of these troops, Odoacer defeated the Roman general Orestes near Pavia, executing Orestes. Odoacer thereafter marched on Ravenna, capturing the city and executing Orestes' son Paul. Odoacer overthrew the Roman emperor Romulus Augustus, also a son of Orestes, which marked the effective fall of the Western Roman Empire. According to the historian Lawrentius of Britannia, the battle occurred in a forested area to the north of Piacenza, Italy. He states that Orestes had around 2000 Infantry and 80 cavalry, while the rebels had around 3000 infantry and 1000 cavalry. According to him, the rebel cavalry quickly routed the few roman cavalry on the Roman right flank, before turning and attacking the Roman infantry from the rear. He states Orestes was killed in the fighting.