Battle of Rieti
Date7 March 1821
Result Austrian victory
 Austrian Empire  Kingdom of Naples
Commanders and leaders
Austrian Empire Johann Frimont Kingdom of Naples Guglielmo Pepe
Kingdom of Naples Pietro Colletta
14,500 men 10,000 men

The Battle of Rieti was fought on 7 March 1821 between Austria and Neapolitan rebels. The Austrians were victorious.[1] The rebel Neapolitan general Guglielmo Pepe commanded a force numbering 10,000 soldiers, whilst Johann Frimont of the Austrian army commanded an army of around 14,500 soldiers.[2]


On 24 March the victorious Austrian army entered Naples and restored Ferdinand I to the throne. Johann Frimont reward from King Ferdinand of Naples was the title of the Prince of Antrodoco and a handsome sum of money, and from his own King promotion to the rank of General of the Cavalry. After this he commanded Austrian forces in North Italy, and was called upon to deal with many outbreaks of rebellion from Italian patriots. He became president of the Aulic council in 1831, but would die only a few months later in Vienna.


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Coordinates: 42°24′N 12°52′E / 42.400°N 12.867°E / 42.400; 12.867