Battle of Saint Gotthard (1705)
Part of the Rákóczi's War for Independence
Date13 December 1705
near Szentgotthárd and Nagyfalu (Mogersdorf), the Austro-Hungarian border
Result Kuruc victory
Hungary Habsburg monarchy
Commanders and leaders
János Bottyán (Bottyán the Blind)
Imre Bezerédj brigader
Hannibal Heister

Battle of Saint Gotthard was fought on 13 December 1705 between a Hungarian (Kuruc) army led by János Bottyán and an Austrian-Croatian-Serbian combined army under the command of Hannibal von Heister. The battle took place at Szentgotthárd (West-Hungary, County Vas) and Nagyfalva (Mogersdorf) (today Austria), near the Austro-Hungarian border. The result of the battle was a Hungarian victory.

On 2 November 1705 János Bottyán actuated the Hungarian campaign in Transdanubia. Before that he had only 8,000 soldiers at Kecskemét but this number later increased to 30,000 men.

On 10 December Kőszeg capitulated and Bottyán moved to Szentgotthárd, where Heister was. The Kuruc Army between Mogersdorf and Szentgotthárd attacked the Austrians (the Habsburg troops was also consisted of several Croatian and Serbian corps).

After the battle Heister headed for Stadtschlaining (Szalonak) and the Dunántúl was freed.