Battle of Samothrace (1698)
Part of the Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War
and the War of the Holy League
DateSeptember 20, 1698
near Samothrace in the northern Aegean Sea
Result Inconclusive
 Republic of Venice

Ottoman Empire

20 Venetian ships 25 Ottoman ships
8 Tripolitanian and Tunisian vessels
4 Egyptian ships
Casualties and losses
299 killed
622 wounded
227 killed
647 wounded

The Battle of Samothrace was an inconclusive battle which took place on 20 September 1698 near the island of Samothrace, during the Sixth Ottoman–Venetian War. It was fought between Venice on one side, and the Ottoman Empire with its Tripolitanian, Egyptian, and Tunisian vassals on the other. Venetian casualties were 299 killed and 622 wounded. Although it resulted in a stalemate, the Battle of Samothrace is notable as being the last significant battle of the Great Turkish War.

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