Bawang goreng
Fried shallots bawang goreng.JPG
Indonesian crispy bawang goreng or fried shallot
Typefried onion
Place of originIndonesia
Main ingredientsshallots

Bawang goreng is an Indonesian crispy fried shallots condiment, a popular garnish to be sprinkled upon various dishes of Indonesian cuisine.[1] It is quite similar to crisp fried onion.[2]


Compared to onion, shallots are much smaller in size and more intense in color — purplish red, locally known as bawang merah (lit. "red onion") in Indonesia.[1] Shallots are thinly sliced and deep fried in plenty of cooking oil until golden crisp, and often placed in a tight glass jar for next use.[3]


Bawang goreng has slightly bitter yet savoury flavour. Crispy fried shallots are often sprinkled upon steamed rice, fragrant coconut rice, fried rice, satay, soto, gado-gado, bubur ayam and many other dish as a condiment as well as garnishing. They are used for stir-fries vegetables, soups, stews, curries, noodles, rice and salads as toppings.[1] Prepacked bawang goreng fried shallots are available in supermarkets and grocery store in Indonesia, and also Asian grocery store abroad.

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