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Bedan (Hebrew: בְּדָן Bəḏān) is named as one of the deliverer of Israelites in 1 Samuel 12:11.[1]

He is not mentioned elsewhere as a judge of Israel.[2] Bishop Simon Patrick and others (including the Talmud[3]) posit the name to be a contraction of ben Dan ("the son of Dan") by which they suppose Samson is meant, as the Targum reads.[4] The Septuagint, Syriac, and Arabic, however, refer to the name as Barak, instead of Bedan; and the two latter versions list in that verse Samson as the last deliverer of the Israelites, instead of Samuel.[5] These readings are adopted by Charles François Houbigant, and appear to be genuine, for it is not probable that Samuel would enumerate himself.[6] The letters forming Bedan (בדן) Barak (ברק) in the Hebrew are very similar, and a scribe might easily have written the one for the other, and the mistake might well have been perpetuated.[7]

Bedan is the name of a descendant of Manasseh in 1 Chronicles 7:17 [8]


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