Bein mont
TypeSnack (mont)
Place of originMyanmar (Burma)
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated cuisineBurmese
Main ingredientsrice flour, jaggery, coconut shavings
Ingredients generally usedsesame seeds, peanuts and poppy seeds
Similar dishesPancake

Bein mont (Burmese: ဘိန်းမုန့်; pronounced [béɪɴmo̰ʊɴ], lit.'poppy cake') is a Burmese pancake, widely available as a street food. It is a traditional Burmese snack, part of a broader family of dishes known as mont. The pancake batter is rice flour based. After cooking the pancakes are immersed in jaggery syrup with coconut shavings and garnished with sesame seeds, peanuts and poppy seeds, hence the name.[1]


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