Belarusian First League
Country Belarus
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toBelarusian Premier League
Relegation toBelarusian Second League
Current championsArsenal Dzerzhinsk (1st title)
Current: 2022 Belarusian First League

The Belarusian First League is the second tier of professional football in Belarus. It was created in 1992, following the Belarusian independence.

History and format

The typical format of the league involves 16 clubs playing a double round-robin tournament over 30 matchdays (with the exception of shortened 1992 and 1995 seasons, which were a single round-robin tournaments). On several occasions the number of participating teams was smaller (15 or 14), due to last minute withdrawals and no teams available for replacement. In most of the seasons, two best teams are getting promoted to Belarusian Premier League, while two worst teams are relegated Belarusian Second League.

First League in 2019

In 2019, the Belarusian First League will consist of the following 15 teams:

Team Location Position in 2018
Smolevichi Smolevichi Premier League, 15
Belshina Bobruisk Bobruisk 3
Lida Lida 4
Naftan Novopolotsk Novopolotsk 5
Lokomotiv Gomel Gomel 6
Slonim-2017 Slonim 7
Granit Mikashevichi Mikashevichi 8
Khimik Svetlogorsk Svetlogorsk 9
Smorgon Smorgon 11
Orsha Orsha 12
Volna Pinsk Pinsk 13
Baranovichi Baranovichi 14
Rukh Brest Brest Second League, 1
Krumkachy Minsk Minsk Second League, 2
Sputnik Rechitsa Rechitsa Second League, 3

Winners and promoted teams

Teams in bold were promoted to Premier League at the end of the season.

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1992 Dinamo-2 Minsk Shinnik Bobruisk Kommunalnik Pinsk
1992–93 Shinnik Bobruisk Polesye Mozyr Selmash Mogilev
1993–94 Obuvschik Lida Polesye Mozyr Kommunalnik Pinsk
1994–95 MPKC Mozyr Ataka-Aura Minsk Kommunalnik Pinsk
1995 Naftan-Devon Novopolotsk Kommunalnik Pinsk1 Fomalgaut Borisov
1996 Transmash Mogilev Kommunalnik Slonim Khimik Svetlogorsk
1997 Gomel BATE Borisov Lida
1998 Lida Svisloch-Krovlya Osipovichi Pinsk-900
1999 Kommunalnik Slonim Vedrich-97 Rechitsa Dinamo-Yuni Minsk
2000 Molodechno Luninets Neman Mosty
2001 Torpedo Zhodino Zvezda-VA-BGU Minsk Darida Minsk Raion
2002 Darida Minsk Raion Naftan Novopolotsk Lokomotiv Minsk
2003 Lokomotiv Vitebsk MTZ-RIPO Minsk Smorgon
2004 Lokomotiv Minsk Vedrich-97 Rechitsa2 Smorgon
2005 Belshina Bobruisk Lokomotiv Vitebsk Smorgon
2006 Minsk Smorgon Khimik Svetlogorsk
2007 Savit Mogilev Granit Mikashevichi Lokomotiv Minsk
2008 Minsk Khimik Svetlogorsk Belshina Bobruisk
2009 Belshina Bobruisk Volna Pinsk DSK Gomel
2010 Gomel SKVICH Minsk1 DSK Gomel
2011 Slavia Mozyr Partizan Minsk3 Gorodeya
2012 Dnepr Mogilev Gorodeya1 Vitebsk
2013 Slutsk Gorodeya1 Vitebsk
2014 Granit Mikashevichi Slavia Mozyr Vitebsk
2015 Isloch Minsk Raion Gorodeya Krumkachy Minsk
2016 Gomel Dnepr Mogilev Gomelzheldortrans
2017 Luch Minsk Smolevichi-STI Torpedo Minsk
2018 Slavia Mozyr Energetik-BGU Minsk Belshina Bobruisk
2019 Belshina Bobruisk Smolevichi Rukh Brest
2020 Sputnik Rechitsa Gomel Krumkachy Minsk (Smorgon4)
2021 Arsenal Dzerzhinsk Belshina Bobruisk Dnepr Mogilev
2022 Naftan Smorgon Rogachev

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