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Belarusian Green Party
Беларуская партыя «Зялёныя»
Белорусская партия «Зелёные»
LeaderDzimtry Kuchuk
FounderOleg Gromyko
Founded17 April 1994; 29 years ago (1994-04-17)
Registered3 June 1994; 29 years ago (1994-06-03)
Dissolved27 July 2023; 4 months ago (2023-07-27)
Headquarters4th Building, Fabriciusa St, Minsk, Belarus
NewspaperPeaceful Atom
Membership (2009)1,143
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationEuropean Green Party (Associate)
International affiliationGlobal Greens (Associate)
Colours  Green
House of Representatives
0 / 110
Council of the Republic
0 / 64

The Belarusian Green Party (BGP or BPZ; Belarusian: Беларуская партыя «Зялёныя»; БПЗ, romanizedBielaruskaja partyja «Zialionyja»; BPZ; Russian: Белорусская партия «Зелёные»; БПЗ, romanizedBelorusskaya partiya «Zelonyye»; BPZ, literally "Belarusian Party «The Greens»") is a former eco-socialist green party in Belarus which opposes the administration of president Alexander Lukashenko, led by entrepreneur Dzmitry Kuchuk (Дзмітрый Кучук).[1] It was created in 1994. The party has an anti-corporatist, anti-globalist platform.


The previous leader of the party until January 2020 was Nastassya Darafeyeva (Настасся Дарафеева), who in 2015 succeeded long-time leader Aleh Novikaŭ (Алег Новікаў), also known as Lolik Uškin (Лёлік Ушкін), who had led the party since 2007.[2]

The party has not held seats in the National Assembly of Belarus since its creation.

On 27 July 2023 the Belarusian Green Party was ordered liquidated by the Supreme Court of Belarus.[3]


In late 2008, the Belarusian Green Party created a special commission on LGBT rights, becoming the first political party in Belarus to officially announce support for the LGBT community.

The Belarusian Green Party opposes the practice of the death penalty, and Belarus remains the last country in Europe with capital punishment. The party has also sharply criticized the US government for continuing to permit the death penalty at a state level. Members of the party strongly protested the executions of Dmitri Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev, who were convicted of the 2011 Minsk Metro bombing in a controversial trial.

The party is an associate member of the European Green Party.[4]

Electoral history

Presidential elections

Election Candidate First round Second round Result
Votes % Votes %
2010 Yuri Glushakov Not admitted to the elections
2015 Yuri Shulgan Not admitted to the elections
2020 Did not contest

Legislative elections

Election Leader Performance Rank Government
Votes % +/– Seats +/–
1995 Oleg Gromyko
1 / 260
New 10th Opposition
2000 Aleh Novikaŭ Did not contest Extra-parliamentary
2004 Extra-parliamentary
2008 Extra-parliamentary
2012 Extra-parliamentary
2016 Nastassya Darafeyeva 9,038 0.18% New
0 / 110
Steady 0 Increase 9th Extra-parliamentary
2019 10,592 0.20% Increase 0.02
0 / 110
Steady 0 Decrease 11th Extra-parliamentary

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