Béal Deirg
Pub in Belderg
Pub in Belderg
Béal Deirg is located in Ireland
Béal Deirg
Béal Deirg
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 54°18′00″N 9°33′00″W / 54.3000°N 9.5500°W / 54.3000; -9.5500Coordinates: 54°18′00″N 9°33′00″W / 54.3000°N 9.5500°W / 54.3000; -9.5500
CountyCounty Mayo
93 m (305 ft)
Irish Grid ReferenceF991401
Béal Deirg is the only official name. The anglicized spellings Belderg and Belderrig have no official status.

Béal Deirg (anglicized as Belderg or Belderrig)[1] is a Gaeltacht village and townland in County Mayo, Ireland.[2] At Belderrig Harbour there is a Mesolithic / Neolithic site dating to 4500-2500 cal. BC. The Céide Fields archaeological site lies about 6 km to the east of Belderrig.

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