Belgian Fourth Division
CountryBelgium Belgium
DivisionsBelgian Fourth Division A
Belgian Fourth Division B
Belgian Fourth Division C
Belgian Fourth Division D
Number of teams64 (until 2015–16)
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toBelgian Third Division
Relegation toBelgian Provincial leagues
Domestic cup(s)Belgian Cup
Last championsR.C. Hades

The Belgian Fourth Division was the lowest nationwide division in Belgian football. The division was split into four separate leagues, A, B, C and D. The team with the most points in the four leagues together was declared the overall winner. If several league winners had the same number of points, the one with the most wins was declared champion, or if that was still tied, then the one with the best goal average was declared champion. Finally, if two teams were still equal, a single match was played on a neutral ground to determine the team to be added to the palmares. For 2016–17 the Belgian Fourth Division was replaced by the Belgian Third Amateur Division.

The competition

The competition consisted of the regular season of 30 matchdays and the promotion playoff of three matchdays.

The regular season

The four champions qualified directly for the Belgian Third Division. Each league was split into three periods (of 10 matchdays each) which determined the twelve qualifiers for the promotion playoff. If a team needed to be replaced, the best-placed team at the end of the regular season which had not yet qualified for the playoff took the free spot. A winner of a period could be replaced because:

The bottom three teams in each league were relegated to the provincial leagues while the 13th-placed teams entered the interprovincial playoff.

As a part of changes in the Belgian league system that were implemented in 2016, the Belgian Fourth Division was replaced by the Belgian Third Amateur Division.[1]

Fourth Division playoff

The Fourth Division playoff was played in three rounds. The first round consisted of six matches of one leg opposing the twelve qualifiers from the Fourth Division. Two teams from the third division (the two 14th-placed teams) entered the playoff in the second round that consisted of two groups of two matches. The third division teams were placed in different groups (with three teams from the first round in each group). The two winners of each group played the group final that qualified two teams for the third division. The groups were constructed to ensure that the two teams from the third division were not able to meet each other in the playoff. The matches were played in one leg at the venue of the first drawn team. When a match ended in a draw, extra time of two periods of 15 minutes was played followed by a penalty shootout if the score remained tied.

Past winners

Year Champion Year Champion Year Champion Year Champion
1953 K. Willebroekse S.V. 1973 F.C. Denderleeuw 1993 K.F.C. Herentals 2013 R. Sprimont Comblain Sport
1954 R.R.F.C. Montegnée 1974 K. Stade Leuven 1994 K.F.C. Tielen 2014 FC Gullegem
1955 F.C. Waaslandia Burcht 1975 R.F.C. Sérésien 1995 R.E.S.C. Virton 2015 R. Sprimont Comblain Sport
1956 K.F.C. Eeklo 1976 Wavre Sports 1996 K.F.C. Strombeek 2016 R.C. Hades
1957 R.C.S. Brainois 1977 K.R.C. Harelbeke 1997 U.R. Namur
1958 R.U.S. Tournaisienne 1978 R.C.S. La Forestoise 1998 K.S.K. Kermt
1959 Union Basse-Sambre-Auvelais 1979 K. Stade Leuven 1999 R. Francs Borains
1960 R. Entente Sportive Jamboise 1980 Wallonia Association Namur 2000 F.C. Zwarte Duivels Oud-Heverlee
1961 R.A.E.C. Mons 1981 R. Union Hutoise F.C. 2001 R. Jet Wavre
1962 F.C. Vigor Hamme 1982 K.S.V. Bornem 2002 R.E. Dison-Verviers
1963 S.K. Beveren-Waas 1983 Royale Union 2003 K.S.K. Kermt-Hasselt
1964 Wavre Sports 1984 K.V.K. Tienen 2004 Verbroedering Denderhoutem
1965 K. White Star Club Lauwe 1985 V.C. Westerlo 2005 R.C.S. Verviétois
1966 K.S.C. Eendracht Aalst 1986 O.C. Charleroi 2006 K.S.V. Oudenaarde
1967 R.A. Marchiennoise des Sports 1987 F.C. Heist Sportief 2007 R.R.C. Hamoir
1968 R.C.S. La Forestoise 1988 Eendracht Wervik 2008 U.R.S. du Centre
1969 K.A.S. Eupen 1989 K.V. Ourodenberg-Aarschot 2009 F.C. Bleid
1970 K.S.K. Tongeren 1990 R.E. Mouscron 2010 R. Entente Bertrigeoise
1971 Wavre Sports 1991 V.V. Overpelt-Fabriek 2011 K. Patro Eisden Maasmechelen
1972 K.V. Kortrijk 1992 K. Tubantia Borgerhout V.K. 2012 R.U. Wallonne Ciney

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