Berar-Deccan Marathi
Native toIndia
Native speakers
13,000,000 (2000)[1]
(perhaps conflated with Deccani Urdu)
Language codes
ISO 639-3dcc

Berar-Deccan Marathi, is a possible language of the Marathi–Konkani group, or perhaps just a regional dialect of Marathi. Glottolog reports that it is closely related to Varhadi-Nagpuri. (Sub)dialects are Bijapuri (of Bijapur district, Karnataka) and Kalvadi (of Dharwad district). These have been counted among the Marathi dialects,[2] and it is not clear just how distinct they are from standard Marathi, with the distinct Deccani language perhaps being Deccani Urdu.

Berar-Deccan Marathi shares the names of Deccani Urdu: Dakhini, Dakhni, Dakini, Dakkani, Dakkhani, etc. Ethnologue says the speakers are Muslim and that the language is written in the Nastaliq (primarily) and Devanagari scripts, but again this may be due to confusion with Deccani Urdu.