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Beri State
बेरी रियासत
Princely State of British India
c. 1750–1950
Flag of Beri

Beri State in the Imperial Gazetteer of India
• 1901
82 km2 (32 sq mi)
• 1901
• Established
c. 1750
Succeeded by
Today part ofHamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India

Beri State was a princely state of the Bundelkhand Agency of the British Raj. Its capital was at Beri, a small town, about 30 km from Hamirpur town.

In 1901, the state spanned an area of about 82.87 km2 with a population of 4,297 inhabitants in 1901. Together with Baoni State (Kadaura) at its northwestern edge Beri State was forming an enclave within the directly administered British territory of the Central Provinces.[1]

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