Berliner-Joyce XF3J-1.jpg
Role Fighter
National origin United States
Manufacturer Berliner-Joyce Aircraft
First flight 23 January 1934[1]
Primary user United States Navy
Number built 1

The Berliner-Joyce XF3J was an American biplane fighter, built by Berliner-Joyce Aircraft. It was submitted to the United States Navy for their request for a single-seat carrier-based fighter powered by a 625 hp (466 kW) Wright R-1510-26 engine.[1]

Development and design

The XF3J had elliptical fabric covered wings which gave it the appearance of a butterfly. The fuselage was semimonocoque metallic with an aluminum skin. The undercarriage was fixed, and would be the last biplane fighter without a retractable gear that the U.S. Navy would test. The aircraft performed satisfactorily in testing, but more promising aircraft had been developed and, in September 1935, the program was terminated.[1]

Specifications (XF3J)

Data from [1]

General characteristics





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