Bernard Lauth
BornAugust 23, 1820
DiedJune 25, 1894 (1894-06-26) (aged 73)
Known forcold rolling
SpouseElizabeth Wilhelm
Parent(s)Bernard Lauth and Catharina Barbara Dauenhauer
RelativesWilliam Laud

Bernard Lauth (August 23, 1820 in Alsace, France[1] – June 25, 1894) founded the American Iron Works in 1850 and formed a partnership with B.F. Jones in 1851.[2] In 1854, Lauth retired from the steel firm, selling his partnership to James H. Laughlin, who led the company to be renamed Jones and Laughlin Steel Company.[3] He invented and patented the process for cold rolling of iron in 1859.[4] In 1871, he purchased the iron furnace at Howard, Pennsylvania, where he built a rolling mill in 1882.


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