Biometrical Journal
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Edited byArne Bathke and Matthias Schmid
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German and Austro-Swiss Regions of the International Biometric Society, Wiley-VCH (Germany)
2.207 (2020)
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ISO 4Biom. J.
ISSN0323-3847 (print)
1521-4036 (web)

Biometrical Journal covers statistical methods and their applications in life sciences including medicine, environmental sciences and agriculture. Typical articles contain both, the development of methodology and its application. At present, articles are accompanied on the publisher's web site by computer code and illustrative data sets for the sake of reproducible research. The code is checked by an appointed Reproducible Research Editor before it is published as supplementary material.

It is published by Wiley-VCH in cooperation with the German and Austro-Swiss Regions of the International Biometric Society (IBS)[1] electronically and in print using the English language.


Ten years after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR), Ottokar Heinisch (Leipzig, GDR) and Maria-Pia Geppert (Bad Nauheim, FRG) jointly started to publish the journal in Akademie Verlag in 1959 under the title Biometrische Zeitschrift,[2] as the scientific journal of the IBS' German Region, which had been meeting annually since 1953.[3][4] Twelve years after the Berlin wall had been built and under pressure from GDR authorities, a separate Region GDR was established to cut off the contacts with the FRG. The journal adopted its English title Biometrical Journal in 1976, when Erna Weber [de] (Berlin, GDR) was its editor.[5] Both IBS Regions reunited soon after German reunification. First editor after that was Jürgen Läuter [de] (Magdeburg) followed by Peter Bauer (Vienna). In 2004, the Austro-Swiss and the German Region of IBS and Wiley-VCH decided that both regions nominate the editors and subscribe to the online version of the journal[6][7] starting with the editorship of Edgar Brunner [de] (Göttingen) and Martin Schumacher (Freiburg).

Editors of Biometrical Journal

Abstracting and indexing

The Biometrical Journal figured in the 2007 comparison of statistics journals, according to which it is indexed in the Current Index to Statistics, Zentralblatt MATH, and Medline. Its impact factor[8] was close to the median of indexed journals. The journal home page additionally lists CompuMath Citation Index, EORTC Bibliography Database, Mathematical Reviews, SCOPUS, VINITI, Web of Science, and Zoological Record among others.[9]


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