Bir pletok
Bir Pletok.JPG
Place of originIndonesia[1]
Region or stateJakarta
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsginger, pandan leaves, lemongrass

Bir pletok is a non-alcoholic[2] Indonesian drink of the Betawi people in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pletok beer is made from several spices, namely ginger, pandan leaves, boiled sappan wood, and lemongrass.[citation needed]

Bir pletok is mostly found in Indonesia and is considered a genuine Betawinese drink.

Most lagers are alcoholic and are known to have negative health effects but, despite being referred to as a "beer", Pletok does not contain alcohol.

The drink is inspired by the Dutch colonists that brought new traditions to Batavia; one being drinking alcoholic drinks late at night. The nearby individuals of Betawi made their own particular home-made, alcohol-free brew, since a large portion of Betawi individuals were Muslim, for whom alcohol consumption is forbidden.[3]

The standard method of serving it is by shaking it until a froth like that of a traditional beer appears. is shaped before it's filled a serving glass. A bamboo tube was the first bundling of bir pletok. As the fluid put away in the tube and some ice shapes blended with the fluid, the bamboo is shaken for 1-2 minutes, delivering the dull hints of "pletak-pletok."

Betawi people used to drink this refreshment in the night to warm their bodies. Its tanned, bright red shading and pink froth is very eye-catching. Its taste is sweet, warm, and somewhat zesty.

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