The Bishop of Leicester was a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Peterborough in the Province of Canterbury.

A thousand years after it had last been used (for a diocesan Mercian bishop, 679–888) the episcopal title was resurrected as a suffragan see within the diocese of Peterborough. The suffragan Bishop of Leicester assisted the diocesan Bishop of Peterborough in overseeing the diocese.[1][2]

In the modern Diocese of Leicester, there was a stipendiary (paid) Assistant Bishop of Leicester (1987–2017), until a new suffragan See of Loughborough was erected to replace the Assistant Bishop role[3][4]see Bishop of Loughborough.

List of bishops

Bishops suffragan of Leicester
From Until Incumbent Notes
1888 1903 Francis Thicknesse Formerly Archdeacon of Northampton
1903 1912 Lewis Clayton Canon of Peterborough; became Assistant Bishop of Peterborough
1913 1927 Norman Lang Resigned the See, but effectively continued in post as an assistant bishop.[5]
In 1927, the suffragan see of Leicester ended with the creation of the diocesan see.


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