Black Information Network
TypeRadio network
FormatAll news
African-American culture
Launch dateJune 30, 2020; 3 years ago (2020-06-30)
AvailabilityNational, through online, HD Radio, and broadcast affiliates (see stations)
Affiliates60 affiliates in 49 markets
WebcastListen live (via iHeartRadio)

Black Information Network (BIN) is a radio network and content brand owned by iHeartMedia. Launched on June 30, 2020, it is an all-news radio network of stations targeting African American communities, carrying mostly important national news headline stories as well as current events and special interest features. Some stations also incorporate local news, traffic, weather and sports updates into the network feed. Tony Coles is the network's president and Tanita Myers is the news director.[1]


On June 29, 2020, 15 iHeartMedia radio stations in markets with large African American populations (including AM, FM, and HD Radio subchannel stations) ceased their regular programming, and began stunting with clips of speeches by prominent African Americans, such as Malcolm X's "The Ballot or the Bullet" address, interspersed with messages stating that "our side of the story is about to be told", and promoting a major change in their programming at 12:00 p.m. EDT the next day.[2]

On June 30, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. EDT, iHeartMedia officially launched the Black Information Network (BIN) on the 15 stunting stations, carrying national news coverage catered to African American communities. The service draws from other iHeartMedia services for local traffic and weather updates, and promotes podcasts oriented towards the audience. The network will be carried by additional stations over time, and is also being distributed on the iHeartRadio streaming platform.

BIN also serves as the provider of news content for iHeartMedia stations carrying formats that predominantly target African-Americans, including hip hop, R&B, and gospel.[3][4] Stations not owned by iHeart may also subscribe to the service, with newscasts available at the :00 and :30 mark each hour.

Alongside traditional advertising, BIN is also being backed by a group of "national founding partners", including Bank of America, CVS Health, GEICO, Lowe's, McDonald's, Sony, 23andMe, and Verizon Communications which will air outreach towards African-American communities on the network.[4] Currently, the number of minutes each hour devoted to commercials is considerably lower than most radio networks.

On September 10, 2020, iHeartMedia announced that it would acquire WWRL in New York City, a station that had historically carried formats serving the African American community, to carry BIN beginning November 2. BIN programming was previously available in the New York radio market via 105.1 WWPR-FM's third HD Radio subchannel.[5] On December 2, 2020, iHeartMedia announced that it would acquire Fort Worth's KHVN and its simulcast partner KKGM, with an intent for them to be BIN's stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, replacing their existing Black Gospel format.[6][7]

The network currently has 60 affiliates in 49 markets across the United States.


Callsign Frequency Band City State Network status
W257DS 99.3 FM Montgomery Alabama n/a (WMRK-HD2 relay)
WDXB-HD2* 102.5-2 FM Pelham (Birmingham) Alabama Affiliate
WHTY 1460 AM Phenix City (Columbus) Alabama (Georgia) Affiliate
WMRK-HD2 107.9 FM Shorter (Montgomery) Alabama Affiliate
W224CK 92.7 FM Vestavia Hills (Birmingham) Alabama n/a (WDXB-HD2 relay)
KFOO 1440 AM Riverside California Affiliate
KKSF 910 AM Oakland-San Francisco California Affiliate
KRRL-HD2* 92.3-2 FM Los Angeles California Affiliate
KSSX-HD2* 95.7-2 FM Carlsbad (San Diego) California Affiliate
WUST 1120 AM Washington District of Columbia Affiliate
WMZQ-HD2* 98.7-2 FM
WJBT-HD2* 93.3-2 FM Callahan (Jacksonville) Florida Affiliate
WBTP-HD2* 95.7-2 FM Clearwater (Tampa) Florida Affiliate
W281AM 104.1 FM Macclenny (Jacksonville) Florida n/a (WJBT-HD2 relay)
WXBN 880 AM Sweetwater (Miami) Florida Affiliate
WBIN 640 AM Atlanta Georgia Affiliate
WYNF 1340 AM Augusta Georgia Affiliate
WMGE 1670 AM Dry Branch (Macon) Georgia Affiliate
W234BX 94.7 FM Highland Pines (Columbus) Georgia n/a (WHTY) relay)
W279AQ 103.7 FM Mascoutah (St. Louis) Illinois (Missouri) n/a (KATZ-HD2 relay)
WVAZ-HD2* 102.7-2 FM Oak Park (Chicago) Illinois Affiliate
WMFN 640 AM Peotone (Chicago) Illinois Affiliate
WODT 1280 AM New Orleans Louisiana Affiliate
K244FX 96.7 FM New Orleans Louisiana n/a (WODT relay)
WQLL 1370 AM Pikesville (Baltimore) Maryland Affiliate
WJMN-HD2* 94.5-2 FM Boston Massachusetts Affiliate
WDFN 1130 AM Detroit Michigan Affiliate
KQQL-HD2* 107.9-2 FM Anoka (Minneapolis) Minnesota Affiliate
W227BF 93.3 FM Shoreview (Minneapolis) Minnesota n/a (KQQL-HD2 relay)
WSFZ 930 AM Jackson Mississippi Affiliate
W251DB 98.1 FM Jackson Mississippi n/a (WSFZ relay)
KJMS-HD2 101.1-2 FM Olive Branch (Memphis) Mississippi (Tennessee)
WTUP 1490 AM Tupelo Mississippi Affiliate
W299CS 107.7 FM Tupelo Mississippi n/a (WTUP relay)
KATZ-HD2* 100.3-2 FM Bridgeton (St. Louis) Missouri Affiliate
WWRL 1600 AM New York City New York Affiliate
WWPR-HD3* 105.1-3 FM
W254AZ 98.7 FM Belmont (Charlotte) North Carolina n/a (WRFX-HD2 relay)
WRFX-HD2* 99.7-2 FM Kannapolis (Charlotte) North Carolina Affiliate
WMMS-HD2* 100.7-2 FM Cleveland Ohio Affiliate
W256BT 99.1 FM Cleveland Ohio n/a (WMMS-HD2 relay)
WYTS 1230 AM Columbus Ohio Affiliate
WCHD-HD2* 99.9-2 FM Kettering (Dayton) Ohio Affiliate
WIZE 1340 AM Springfield (Dayton) Ohio Affiliate
WTEL 610 AM Philadelphia Pennsylvania Affiliate
WDAS-HD2* 105.3-2 FM
WPRM-HD2* 99.1-2 FM San Juan Puerto Rico Affiliate
W288CX 105.5 FM Columbia South Carolina n/a (WXBT-HD2 relay)
WGVL 1440 AM Greenville South Carolina Affiliate
WXBT-HD2 100.1 FM West Columbia South Carolina Affiliate
WNRQ-HD2* 105.9-2 FM Nashville Tennessee Affiliate
W248BQ 97.5 FM Nashville Tennessee n/a (WNRQ-HD2 relay)
KHVN 970 AM Fort Worth (Dallas) Texas Affiliate
KKGM 1630
K237HD 95.3 FM Fort Worth Texas n/a (KHVN relay)
KXYZ 1320 AM Houston Texas Affiliate
W244AV 96.7 FM Blacksburg Virginia n/a (WROV-HD2 relay)
WROV-HD2* 96.3-2 FM Martinsville (Roanoke) Virginia Affiliate
WNOH 105.3 FM Windsor (Norfolk) Virginia Affiliate
KHHO 850 AM Tacoma-Seattle Washington Affiliate


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