A Balinese Blakas, pre-1944.
TypeChopper, Cleaver, Ceremonial Knife
Place of originIndonesia (Bali)
Service history
Used byBalinese people
Blade typeSingle edge, chisel grind
Hilt typeWater buffalo horn, wood

Blakas or Belakas is a general name for any sort of cleaver or large knife originating from Bali, Indonesia that has a heavy rectangular blade with a straight cutting edge used for chopping.[1] The long, rounded hilt often becomes thinner at one or both ends. The blade often has a fanciful shape and encrusted motifs.[2] Sometimes it is made for ceremonial purposes, and also used in pairs with golok.[3] It is a common utensil in Balinese households and is used for kitchen chores, orchard work, and in ceremonial activities.

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