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BOB FM is the on-air brand of a number of FM radio stations in the United States and formerly in Canada. The BOB FM format mostly concentrates on album rock, alternative rock and pop hits from the 1980s and 90s, especially those popular during the early days of MTV when music videos made up most of MTV's schedule. But BOB FM also features a smattering of oldies from the 1970s or earlier and classic hits from the 1990s or later.

Once or twice an hour, an unexpected song will get played, sometimes a dance hit or novelty song. BOB FM stations are quite similar to those using the moniker Jack FM. On many BOB FM and JACK FM stations, disc jockeys are not used or are only heard in morning drive time. Instead of a live DJ, a prerecorded voice will make sarcastic or ironic quips between songs.

BOB FM stations in Canada were all owned by Bell Media. Those in the United States are owned by a variety of companies. Bob FM stations are officially classified as variety hits or adult hits by radio research companies.


It was originally named for the "Best of the Best", and subsequently associated with an everyday character named "Bob." It proved very successful in its first implementation on Winnipeg, Manitoba's CFWM. It inspired Rogers Communications to license the JACK FM format at many of its stations, Corus Entertainment's subsequent Joe FM and Dave FM brands, and comparable moves at other stations. Currently a syndicated version of the format is offered by Envision Radio Networks. As with Jack FM, Bob FM stations have playlists of over 1000 songs as opposed to most other commercial stations which play about 500 songs or less.

The format was largely conceived and created by Howard Kroeger, a former programming executive at CHUM Group Radio, after attending a friend's 40th birthday party in 2000. He took the "Bob" moniker from a country music station (then WBOB, today KFXN-FM) that had broadcast in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market of Minnesota to the south several years earlier.


Many BOB FM stations use the catch phrase "We Play Anything!" or "We Play Everything!" Most stations market themselves with the slogan "Turn your knob to BOB!" This was parodied in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 skit in which TV's Frank creates his own radio station and exhorts viewers to "Turn your crank to Frank", satirizing commercials for BOB 100 FM that were playing in the Minneapolis area at the time.[citation needed]

Many Bob-FM stations are imaged by Digital Sound & Video, Inc, located in Daytona Beach, Florida and voiced by Sean Caldwell.

Country Music

At least two non variety-hits Bob FM outlets exist, WRBT in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and KLCI in Minneapolis-St. Paul, both of which run a country music format. Kroeger created a similar format and brand for country stations, using Hank FM (named for Country and Western legend Hank Williams) and DUKE FM (named for actor John Wayne).

HANK FM and DUKE FM can currently be heard in over twenty U.S. markets. The majority of these HANK FM and DUKE FM branded stations use the positioning statement of "Playing the Legends of Country" and are also distributed by Envision Radio Networks.

Stations Calling Themselves "BOB FM"

CHUM Limited's CKLY in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, adopted the format on August 21, 2005, while WLFF in Lafayette, Indiana, jettisoned its country format to introduce Bob to its listeners on December 6, 2007.

The newest Bob FM station in the United States is WCVS-FM in Springfield, Illinois, replacing its classic rock format.

The newest Bob FM station in Canada was CKX-FM in Brandon, Manitoba, replacing its mainstream rock format.

The first international (Non American or Canadian) Bob FM launched in early 2016 in George Town, Grand Cayman in The Cayman Islands. 94.9 BOB FM, Grand Cayman ZFBB-FM of Hurley's Media Ltd.

On March 18, 2021, the remaining Bob FM stations in Canada were re-branded as Bounce Radio.[1]

Bob FM stations in Canada

Location Call sign Frequency Notes/websites
Brockville, Ontario CJPT 103.7 FM Re-branded as Bounce 103.7
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario CKLY 91.9 FM Re-branded as Bounce 91.9
Winnipeg, Manitoba CFWM 99.9 FM Re-branded as Bounce 99.9
Brandon, Manitoba CKX 96.1 FM Re-branded as Bounce 96.1

Bob FM stations in the United States

Location Call sign Frequency Since Format website
Anchorage, Alaska KBBO-FM 92.1 FM Variety hits
Asbury, Missouri KWXD 103.5 FM June 1, 2023 Variety hits
Augusta, Georgia WDRR 93.9 FM April 2010 Classic hits
Austin, Texas KBPA 103.5 FM September 2004 Adult hits
Biloxi, Mississippi WANG 1490 AM October 10th 2021 Adult hits
Biloxi, Mississippi WTNI 1640 AM October 10th, 2021 Adult hits
Bloomington-Normal, Illinois WBBE 97.9 FM 2005 Adult hits
Bluffton, South Carolina WUBB 106.9 FM February 21st 2011 Country
Boise, Idaho KSRV-FM 96.1 FM March 30th 2007 Adult hits
Cambria, California KCJZ 105.3 FM June 2014 Variety hits
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California KKHK 95.5 FM December 3rd 2010 Alternative
Chico, California KBQB 92.7 FM 2006 Adult Hits
Edwards, California KGBB 103.9 FM 2006 Adult Hits
Emporia, Kansas KANS 96.1 FM July 1st, 2023 Adult Hits
Erie, Pennsylvania WXBB 94.7 FM January 5th 2007 Adult Hits
Estero, Florida WJGO 102.9 FM March 16th 2007 Adult hits
Eugene, Oregon KEUG 105.5 FM 2004 Adult Hits
Fargo, North Dakota KBVB 95.1 FM March 12th 2007 Country
Faribault, Minnesota KBGY 107.5 FM 2015 Classic country
Fayetteville, North Carolina WFLB 96.5 FM March 14th 2011 Classic hits
Forest Lake, Minnesota WLKX-FM 95.9 FM February 13th, 2022 Classic country
Hampton Roads-Norfolk, Virginia WNOB 93.7 FM September 23rd, 2006 Adult hits
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania WRBT 94.9 FM Country
Healdsburg, California KNOB 96.7 FM October 4th, 2018 Variety hits
Holliday, Texas KWFB 100.9 FM January 1st, 2024 Adult Hits
Lafayette, Indiana WBPE 95.3 FM December 6th, 2007 Adult hits
Minneapolis, Minnesota KLCI 106.1 FM Classic country
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina WYNA 104.9 FM Variety hits
Panama City Beach, Florida WASJ 105.1 FM May 2008 Adult hits
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WRRK 96.9 FM November 1st, 2005 Variety hits
Redding, California KESR 107.1 FM March 12th, 2010 Adult hits
Russellville, Arkansas KCAB 980 AM Adult hits
Spokane, Washington KBBD 103.9 FM Adult hits
Springfield, Illinois WCVS-FM 96.7 FM October 2nd, 2017 Adult hits
St. Cloud, Minnesota WQPM 1300 AM February 13th, 2022 Classic country
St. Cloud, Minnesota KDDG 105.5 FM Classic country
Sterling, Colorado KSRX 97.5 FM Variety hits
Traverse City, Michigan WZTC 104.5 FM Adult hits
Twin Falls, Idaho KIKX 104.7 FM September 7th, 2009 Adult hits
Washington-Greenville, North Carolina WERO 93.3 FM 1999 Contemporary hit radio
Wichita, Kansas KBOB-FM 97.1 FM February 14th, 2008 Adult hits
Winfield, Kansas KSOK-FM 95.9 FM January 2022 Variety hits

The first BOB FM outside of The U.S. or Canada launched in early 2016, broadcasting from George Town, Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. '94.9 BOB FM Grand Cayman' - ZFBB FM ( http://www.BobFm.Ky ) .

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