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Body worship is the practice of physically revering a part of another person's body, and is usually done as a submissive act in the context of BDSM. It is often an expression of erotic fetishism[1] but it can also be used as part of service-oriented submission[2] or sexual roleplay. It typically involves kissing, licking or sucking parts of a dominant's body[3] such as the vulva,[4] the penis,[5] the buttocks,[6] the feet,[7] the breasts or the muscles.[8]

Dominatrices sometimes use body worship as part of dominance and submission.[9] This may involve a submissive stroking, massaging or bathing the dominatrix[10] or kissing and licking her buttocks.[6] Alternatively the submissive may be instructed to perform cunnilingus[11] or anilingus, in some cases while the dominatrix is facesitting on the submissive.[6] A muscle worship fetish may be catered for by a dominatrix who is also a bodybuilder.[12]

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