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Bonaire Democratic Party
Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano
  • PDB
  • Demokrat
LeaderClark Abraham
Leader in the Island CouncilClark Abraham
FounderJulio Antonio Abraham
Founded1954 (1954)
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCentre-left
Senatorial affiliationLabour Party[1]
Island Council
3 / 9
Electoral College
3 / 9

The Bonaire Democratic Party (Papiamentu: Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano, PDB; Dutch: Democratische Partij Bonaire), also known as Demokrat, is a political party in Bonaire and formerly the Netherlands Antilles.


The party was founded in 1954 by Julio Antonio Abraham. It is a progressive social-democratic party that advocates for more autonomy for the island of Bonaire.[2]

In the 2002 Netherlands Antilles general election, the party won 2.6% of the popular vote and 1 out of 22 seats in the Estates. In the 2006 general election, the party kept 1 seat, winning 44.5% of the vote in Bonaire. In the 2015 island council election, the party won 3 out of 9 seats and formed a coalition with the Bonaire Patriotic Union (UPB).

In the 2019 election, the party won 3 seats in both the Island Council and the Electoral College.[3][4]


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