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Commenced operations2022 (planned)
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Parent company777 Partners
Key peopleTim Jordan (CEO)

Bonza is an upcoming Australian low-cost airline, founded by former Virgin Blue administrator Tim Jordan. The airline is planning to commence operations in Australia in mid-2022, and will focus on an amplitude of unique routes within the nation, especially domestic and regional travel.[1][2] The airline is funded and backed by 777 Partners, an investment firm based in Miami.


Jordan proposed that the purpose behind the airline is to disassociate from the standard Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane hub triangle, used heavily by larger and more dominant Australian airlines, including Qantas and Virgin Australia. Instead, the airline aims to focus upon under-utilised routes, including a variety of regional and domestic services through the point-to-point aviation model. This business model has been compared to that of Ryanair in Europe.[3][4]

Initial plans show that the airline intends to operate as a low-cost carrier, removing expensive features including a frequent-flyer program and airport lounges.[2] The airline also aims to initiate jobs for Australian airline staff, who have previously been stood-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its headquarters will be at Sunshine Coast Airport.[5]


Bonza will commence operating 27 routes serving 17 destinations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.[6][7]

New South Wales:




Bonza will initiate services with five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.[6] The purchase rights are owned by 777 Partners, who placed an order for 24, 737 MAX aircraft in March 2021 for use with Canadian-based Flair Airlines.[8] The investment group holds the right to purchase up to 60 more aircraft. The aircraft would be due to enter service during the second half of 2022.[9] The aircraft will be set in an all-economy configuration. This will make Bonza the first Australian airline to operate the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, before Virgin Australia commences delivery of its Boeing 737 MAX 10 in 2023.[10]


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