Duke of Mecklenburg
Borwin of Mecklenburg 2010 crop.jpg
Duke Borwin in Titisee Village in November 2010
Head of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Tenure26 January 1996 – present
PredecessorDuke Georg Alexander
Head of the House of Mecklenburg
Tenure31 July 2001 – present
Heir apparentDuke Alexander
Born (1956-06-10) 10 June 1956 (age 65)
Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany
Alice Wagner
(m. 1985)
IssueDuchess Olga
Duke Alexander
Duke Michael
Georg Borwin Friedrich Franz Karl Stephan Konrad Hubertus Maria
FatherGeorg Alexander, Duke of Mecklenburg
MotherArchduchess Ilona of Austria

Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg[1] (German: Borwin Herzog zu Mecklenburg; given names: Georg Borwin Friedrich Franz Karl Stephan Konrad Hubertus Maria; born 10 June 1956) has been the head of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz since 1996 and of the entire House of Mecklenburg since 2001.[2] The death of Friedrich Franz, Hereditary Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin – his godfather – the last male member of the House of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on 31 July 2001 made Strelitz the only remaining line of the House of Mecklenburg, which ruled in Mecklenburg until 1918.

Borwin and his sons, Alexander and Michael, are the only known surviving legitimate male-line descendants of the medieval princely dynasty descended from Niklot of the Obotrites, which has included Albert, King of Sweden.

Education and career

Duke Borwin of Mecklenburg was born in Freiburg im Breisgau the youngest child and only son of Duke Georg Alexander of Mecklenburg and his wife Archduchess Ilona of Austria (1927–2011) the daughter of Archduke Joseph Francis of Austria and Princess Anna of Saxony. He is an agnatic descendant of Grand Duke Georg of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and through his mother a descendant of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony and Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.

Duke Borwin became the heir apparent to headship of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz on 6 July 1963 when his grandfather died and his father succeeded as head of the house. Borwin has studied Viticulture at the Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute and served as an officer in the German Army. He has also managed a Swiss drinks company.[3]

In politics, Duke Borwin is a former local party chairman for the Christian Democratic Union in the village of Hinterzarten in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district of Baden-Württemberg, leaving his post in May 2009.[4]

Head of the house

In 1928 his grandfather George was adopted by his uncle and the head of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Duke Charles Michael. His grandfather subsequently assumed the title of Duke of Mecklenburg with the style Serene Highness which was confirmed on 18 July 1929 by the head of the Imperial House of Russia, Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovich and then recognised on 23 December by the former Grand Duke Frederick Francis IV of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.[5] On 18 December 1950, Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz of Mecklenburg-Schwerin confirmed the ducal title and also granted the style Highness, which in conjunction with the title, is the style enjoyed by dynastic members of the House of Mecklenburg.[citation needed] His grandfather was also confirmed as head of the house.[6]

Duke Borwin succeeded as head of the House of Mecklenburg-Strelitz following his father's death on 26 January 1996.[3] With the death of Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz on the 31 July 2001, the House of Mecklenburg-Schwerin has become extinct in the male line leaving Mecklenburg-Strelitz as the only surviving branch of the grand ducal house.

Duke Borwin is the patron and protector of the Order of the Griffon which was revived in September 1984. The order was founded by Grand Duke Frederick Francis III of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on 15 September 1884.[7] He has also served on the Almanach de Gotha's Comité de Patronage.[8]

In 2005 Duke Borwin along with the head of the House of Hohenzollern, Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia attended the seasonal opening of Hohenzieritz Castle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.[9] It was the castle where Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who married Frederick William III of Prussia and became Queen of Prussia, died in 1810.

Marriage and children

Duke Borwin married Alice Wagner (born 2 August 1959 in Hinterzarten, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany), daughter of Dr. Jürgen-Detlev Wagner and wife Marianne Biehl (3 February 1930 - Hinterzarten, 26 April 2008),[10][11] in a civil marriage on 24 December 1985 in Hinterzarten followed by a religious ceremony on 19 July 1986 also in Hinterzarten. They have three children.[citation needed]


Styles of
Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg
Coat of Arms of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg - Schwerin.svg
Reference styleHis Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleSir

National dynastic honours

Foreign dynastic honours



Patrilineal descent

  1. Niklot, Prince of the Obotrites and Lord of Mecklenburg, 1090–1160
  2. Pribislav of Mecklenburg, Prince of the Obotrites and Lord of Mecklenburg, d. 1178
  3. Henry Borwin I, Lord of Mecklenburg, d. 1227
  4. Henry Borwin II, Lord of Mecklenburg, 1170–1226
  5. John I, Lord of Mecklenburg, 1211–1264
  6. Henry I, Lord of Mecklenburg, 1230–1302
  7. Henry II, Lord of Mecklenburg, 1266–1329
  8. Albert II, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1318–1379
  9. Magnus I, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1345–1384 (younger brother of Albert III, Duke of Mecklenburg, Albert, King of Sweden)
  10. John IV, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1370–1422
  11. Henry IV, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1417–1477
  12. Magnus II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Güstrow, 1441–1503
  13. Albert VII, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Güstrow, 1486–1547
  14. John Albert I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Güstrow, 1525–1576
  15. John VII, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1558–1592
  16. Adolphus Frederick I, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1588–1658
  17. Adolphus Frederick II, 1st Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1658–1708
  18. Duke Charles Louis Frederick of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1708–1752
  19. Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1741–1816
  20. George, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1779–1860
  21. Duke George Augustus of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1824–1876
  22. Duke George Alexander of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1859–1909
  23. George, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1899–1963
  24. George Alexander, Duke of Mecklenburg, 1921–1996
  25. Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg, b. 1956


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Borwin, Duke of Mecklenburg House of Mecklenburg-StrelitzCadet branch of the House of MecklenburgBorn: 10 June 1956 Titles in pretence Preceded byGeorg Alexander — TITULAR —Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz26 January 1996–PresentReason for succession failure:Grand Duchy abolished in 1918 IncumbentHeir:Duke Alexander of Mecklenburg Preceded byFriedrich Franz (V) — TITULAR —Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin31 July 2001–PresentReason for succession failure:Grand Duchy abolished in 1918