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The Boston Trophy was the trophy awarded each year to the winning team of the British American Football League's (BAFL) annual Premier Division Championship game, BritBowl and was BAFL's most prestigious award.

The trophy was named in honor of the town, Boston, Lincolnshire, where the League was first established.

Introduced at BritBowl XX, the trophy is a life-size replica of an end zone marker in a bright metal finish. Each of the four facets of the trophy can accommodate the names of twenty five BritBowl champions. The names of the first nineteen champions were added prior to BritBowl XX.

The final winners were the London Blitz, who defeated Coventry Jets 34-20 in BritBowl XXIV on 18 September 2010. At BritBowl XXV, the trophy was awarded permanently to the London Olympians, in recognition of their nine title wins, the most of any British team.

Boston Trophy Winners

BritBowl Year Champion Result Opponent
XXVIII 2014 London Warriors 10-8 London Blitz
XXVII 2013 London Warriors 26-23 London Blitz
XXVI 2012 London Blitz 37-21 London Warriors
XXV 2011 London Blitz 18-0 London Warriors
XXIV 2010 London Blitz 34-20 Coventry Cassidy Jets
XXIII 2009 London Blitz 27-6 Coventry Cassidy Jets
XXII 2008 Coventry Cassidy Jets 33-32 London Blitz
XXI 2007 London Blitz 14-6 Coventry Cassidy Jets
XX 2006 London Olympians 45-30 London Blitz

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